Tuesday, May 22, 2012

 The lilies are in bloom but our garden is a sorry straggly mess.
 Since the weather man is calling for rain thought I would bring a little sunshine into the family room.
 It's hard to see the Dragon flies etched on this vase. DD#1 and I made the vases for her bridesmaids to put their bouquets in at her Wedding reception 8 years ago. My how time flies. Dragon flies are DD#1 signature bug. Ha
The freezer was getting low on breakfast food, Karsyn and I made a triple batch of waffles yesterday to replenish our quick breakfast supply.

Mason and I are headed out on a few errands this morning in hopes of missing the race crowd that will be in for the long race week as well as Memorial Day weekend. Then it's back home to work some magic in the kitchen. We need a few more quick breakfast items for the freezer, sweet muffins and English muffins are on our to do list for the day. As well as a desert or two, a new supper recipe is in the crock pot.

We hope to hit the scrap/sewing room this afternoon to start working on the next UFO, there are soooo many to pick from! Ha I am doing my best to have a little self control and not begin anything new until I clear the decks a bit. It is going to take weeks I am sure but it needs to be done.

Hubby is working diligently on his shed remodel, by the weekend he should be ready to move JUST whats needed back in. I feel 100 pounds lighter with all that excess stuff out of our way. I am still in a bit of shock that he decided to take on this project he is quite the pack rat!!!

Are you taking on any biggie projects for the spring/summer? I am thinking this might be the last for us until the fall. The heat will be too much soon to do any major outdoor work. I figure the garden ,if it well every take off and grow will be all I can handle on the big project side of things. I am setting the bar a little lower this year for myself, after close to 2 years with the youngest grands my battery is getting pretty low!!! That's and understatement for sure.


  1. You brave women travelling out in the Nascar Traffic with Mason man. The day has cooled here, so hoping to get at another flower bed, and leave the dog hair to float through the house for another day... curious on your new crock pot recipe?

  2. Well I am sure you'll be pleased to know that we finally have a sunny day ... could this be Spring at last? You always seem so organised Debbie and I am not surprised your batteries are getting low with all the running around you do. Do you ever get a proper break? xx

  3. Mmmmmm waffles look scrumptious! I am also wondering about the new crockpot recipe - let us know how it turns out!