Monday, May 14, 2012

Weekend Projects

 Hubby built a lean to for his classic 1968 tractor with very little help from me.
 We finally got the finishing touches on my Mothers Day gift, LOVE the new Pergola!!
 It was cheaper to buy 2 panels of drapes than to make them for the open side.
In addition to the Pergola I received a new bird bath from hubby!!

We busted our rumps over the weekend to get a few more of the big projects knocked out on our list, seems it will never end! While hubby worked on his lean to Saturday I finished planting in all the gardens and beds, mowed the yard, cut down more saplings that are popping up everywhere and a million other little things around the yard. We were in bed before the sun was down Saturday night! Ha, to old for this crap for sure.

Sunday was much slower paced. I woke up with aches and pains all over my body, my throat felt like I swallowed a Brillo pad, not a good start for the day. We somehow pulled Sunday/Mothers Day dinner off but that was it. Today was no better with my fever climbing as the day went on. Gotta love the germy little grands!! It's aspirin and bed for me tonight with hopes of felling better tomorrow, luckily I only have Mason man who is SO easy to deal with.

Hope everyone had a wonderful Mothers Day!! While I felt like road kill we still enjoyed a nice dinner with all our kiddo's and grands and they showered me with such nice gifts, flowers, new rose bush and a charm for my bracelet of course the Pergola and bird bath from hubby. The best gift of all each day is being able to be with them, germs and all!!


  1. Love your Mother's Day gift, Debby, it is awesome! What is with all this sickness going around here & there. My head is ready to explode so I am off to bed, hoping I get some sleep myself tonight. Hope you are feeling better tomorrow.

  2. Oh that does look good - you have been deservedly spoiled. Glad you enjoyed your day xx

  3. It's soo beautiful outside!! You'd have to drag me in kicking & screaming I think!!! lol! Wonderful gfts!! :)