Friday, May 25, 2012

Summer Shopping

 After Kara and I got our kitchens cleaned up we headed to Gymboree for some summer shopping.
 We loaded up two bags full of really cute (handsome for the boys) things for our upcoming beach trip.
In the afternoon it was hot tub and bird watching time.

Kara is the only grand I can take shopping, she is sweet as can be, never tries to climb out of the stroller and is too young to ask for things (yet) Gymboree was running a 30% off sale on everything in the store, you could also earn Gymbucks this week so off we went.

We came home with 17 items of clothing for the grands with a retail value of $366.00. Total out of pocket was $168.00 that's a savings of $198.00!! In addition to the money we saved I also received $75.00 in Gymboree bucks for July. I clothes shop for the grands 3 or 4 times a year, Easter, Summer, Christmas and sometimes again at the Winter sale. For the most part I give the Gymboree bucks to the Mommies so they can purchase any other things the grands might need. Every single thing I purchased today was already on clearance with the additional 30% off. I will never understand why people pay full price for clothes, seems crazy to me!!

Early to bed for me again tonight, we have Kara for the day tomorrow as well as Tyler's Tee Ball game. I also need to get the wash caught back up, do some cleaning and yard/garden work. It will be a full day :(


  1. Kara is so sweet. Great savings for you today. Isn't every day a full day for you? LOL Easy on the back with the gardening tomorrow.

  2. You are such an awesome Grandma! And I agree with you on not paying full price for clothes! Especially for the kids when their clothes only last for a season tops.

  3. Ditto - I rarely shop unless there is a sale. You are such an amazing grandma - your family are very lucky and blessed to have you xx

  4. Malcolm and I just got back from Macy's Memorial Day (weekend) sale. Same story - 50% off, plus additional 20% for opening a credit account, plus another 15% just because.

    We replenish what we refer to as our "uniforms" - solid shorts, tee shirts, jeans, etc. about three times per year. Retail!! NO WAY!!

    We use to love those Gymboree bucks. Fun story.

  5. Great deals! And I LOVE that kitchen, so cute! Makes me want to set one up for my girls.

  6. Great job on the shopping trip!! Gymboree has such cute clothes too!! :)