Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Some Assembely Required

 32 packages of strawberries are tucked into the freezer.
A little free motion quilting is on the agenda for today.

I am happy to report 61% of North Carolinans have voted to amend our constitution to recognize marriage as one man and one woman. As for my friend, of course I will forgive her however she will have to understand there are boundaries in all relationships, name calling is not OK. We can agree we disagree but getting in the gutter ain't gonna happen. It is funny how some of the very liberal folks around can't seem to articulate their point of view without resorting to name calling and labeling.

Hubby and I tried to work on my some assembly required Mothers Day gift yesterday afternoon, it was an ugly situation. Between running indoors during the sudden downpours and lightning strikes nothing was accomplished other than knowing we can't do this on our own. I did glance over the instructions this morning, the first thing it suggests is 4 adults needed to assembly, 2 middle age farts are not in the directions. Hubby has the task of calling in a few favors from his man friends to get the job done, I will be in charge of feeding them and keeping cool beverages ready to go!!


  1. You are right, friends should not call each other names, but should agree not to disagree, respecting each others opinions. That must some pretty nice Mother's Day gift if it takes more then 2 old farts to

  2. Ha, Cindy it is nice, something we have needed IMO for a year or more. Hope we can get it done before Mothers Day