Monday, August 15, 2011

Beach Eats

Our rental house each year, located across the street from N Myrtle beach, SC. 6 bedrooms, 4 baths and a big yard to play in.

Ahhhh, home sweet home!! This is the second morning we have woken up to temperatures in the 60's!!!! I LOVE fall weather, our highs today should stay in the reasonable 80 degree range and the monsoon rain maybe over, I can live with that. A second flock of geese have gone over the house this morning headed somewhere and the deck is loaded in fallen acorns. The acorns might be due to the crazy storms we have had lately, who knows but I have hopes the squirrel's will work the nuts and stay out of the durn tomatoes! We spent yesterday settling back in, unpacking, yard work, garden clean up and a little sewing for Daughter #1 classroom. Today is canning peaches I just didn't have the energy yesterday to tackle that job. So on to the beach eats, this might be an odd post but sometimes it can be intresting to see what other regular folks are eatting. We try to keep things simple on vacation, nobody wants to spend hours in the kitchen. We like to have 3 filling meals each day but sometimes the heat is so intense that 3 meals a day is just to much. A late night snack will do the trick! So here is what we had, everything was brought from home except milk, bread, biscuts, eggs and Krispy Kream donuts which are a must if the" hot donuts now" sign is on. The bread and donuts were about the only processed foods we ate, we did pick up a tube of cookie dough to make chocolate chip cookies with Tyler, big mistake. He and Mommy silced, baked then shared with the family, Daughter #1 said "the cookies don't look right do you think they are OK to eat?" Yep they are fine just taste like crap we are use to homemade cookies, they all went in the trash. We won't make that mistake again, normaly I make up a batch or two of dough to take with us, this year I got slack. Sorry about any mispelled words, spell check isn't working GRRRR
Sunday supper - Spaghetti with meatballs and garlic bread
Monday breakfast - Eggs, bacon, biscuts
              Lunch - Grill cheese, PB'J's or egg salad
              Supper - Hot dogs, hamburgers with pickled veggies from home
Tuesday Breakfast - French toast, sausage
              Lunch - Roast beef, rice, gravy, mac&cheese, fried squash, cucumbers and tomatoes
              Supper - Ate out crab legs
Wensday Breakfast - Eggs, sausage, biscuts and gravy
               Lunch - whatever you could find
               Supper - Taco's, beans and rice with homemade salsa
Thursday Breakfast - Pancakes, sausage
               Lunch - To hot to eat
               Supper - Stuffed peppers, lima beans and fries
Friday     Breakfast - Eggs, bacon, sausage biscuts gravy
               Lunch - Leftover stuff peppers
               Supper - Open roast beef sandwiches with fries

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