Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Lets Can Shall We (Part 1)

 Start with some ripe SC peaches. I like to use Elberta peaches, they are really firm almost like an apple, easy to work with and don't disintegrate when they are canned. This photo is of  a 1/2 bushel
 Wash plenty of canning jars, I like to use pints for canning peaches. This is the right size for us as a side dish at dinner. Two jars are perfect for a cobbler.
 Forget recipes from your Mom or Grandmother!! Use recipes ONLY from the most current canning books on the market, NEVER use old recipes!!!!! These are my two favorites. Keep a cool drink handy, I wouldn't suggest anything alcoholic until you are finished with the job at hand.
 Dress for the occasion, it's going to get hot as Haiti so wear something lightweight, an apron is a must this is messy stuff. Put the cute flip flops away, wear shoes with good support your back will thank you!!! Why do my calf's look so fat in this photo?
See all that steam, that's why you need to dress appropriately! Sterilize the jars and keep hot water in them until you are ready to use. Some people use the dishwasher to sterilize jars but I'm not sold on that idea yet. The lids (not the rims) are on the back of the stove in really warm water, ready to do their part. The other front burner is the light syrup I like to use. I'm not into the heavy syrup. I think you lose the taste of the peach with anything too heavy. The other back burner has  peaches scalding in boiling water to make them a bit easier to peel.

Sometimes I have to play mind games with myself to get the job done. Today was one of those days. I so dreaded canning  the peaches. I have done everything in my power to put it off until today. I thought maybe I should drag Pearl down to the kitchen to keep me company but I was afraid someone might stop by and question why I have my imaginary friend in the kitchen. I got thinking maybe if I turned canning peaches into a blog post I might be inspired to get on with business and get the drun peaches done. So there you have it, all of you were the only reason I didn't bag it all up and get it out the door. I know come winter our family will appreciate some home canned peaches so I thank you for being part of making it happen. Thankfully we are still enjoying some beautiful weather so the kitchen didn't heat up as bad as usual. Next post is coming up, I can't get blogger to load all the photo's.


  1. It looks like a lot of work, but well worth it I'm sure! :)

    Ps - Your calves look great! ;) lol!

  2. Ha, I really do have OK calves, not sure what's up with the photo, other parts of the body...will not so much!