Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Hump Day




Big girl sippy cups

Today looks to be a bit cooler,YAAA. We have our fingers crossed that we can get to the beach this morning with the little ones for some fun then maybe even a nap for them on the beach. We took them down yesterday for a bit to play but the heat was so bad we were only down for a little over an hour. Thankfully there are enough of us that Tyler can hang on the beach with whatever of the big kids are parked for the day or he would be going stir crazy.

I woke up this morning thinking I am missing the garden, working around the house and maybe even doing some canning, is that crazy or what! Maybe after a big breakfast for the gang the feeling will pass, if time and kids will allow I will start plans for the fall garden today. Rambo man will have a day maybe even two when we return home so he can till up some of the areas to replant in. I think this cooler morning has me thinking of the fall!! Hey its only 80 degrees, that feels like fall compaired to what we have been experiencing.

Last night was our eating out night, Daughter #1 decided to hang back and get her children in bed at a reasonable hour besides the fact she doesn't like sea food. The food was great but the place had no air conditioning, it was hot as h... and flies everywhere, yuck. Time to head to the kitchen, today is eggs, sausage biscuits and gravy, that should keep them alive until the noon meal I'm thinking.

Updated spending

Rent - $1500.00

Gas - $74.00

Groceries - $132.00

Breakfast on the road -$48.00

Lunch on the road - $28.00

More groceries - $74.00

Supper out -$264.00


  1. LOVE Karsyn's bathing suit, Debby!!! lol!! Awesome!

    It's cooler here today... hoping to get a menu plan done for the next week & figure out out to bump up my emergency fund for the next month!

    Spending that much on dinner I think I'd prefer no flies,.. They're nasty little creatures!

    Enjoy your day!! :)

  2. You are so kickin butt on your emergency fund!! You will have it and maybe even more by the end of the month, talk about a good nights sleep when you have something to fall back on. We have had to dig into ours a little for all the unexpected car repairs lately but as soon as vacation is over I will be digging in my heals on the spending plan.