Saturday, August 13, 2011

What a day!!

After we had packed all the cars to head home we attempted to take photo's of Daughter #1 children. Somehow we hadn't gotten a good photo of Karsyn in her Baptism dress, it would have been super cute to get one at the beach but they wouldn't look up
Maybe if we try down by the surf we would have a better chance

Nope, didn't happen, Karsyn took off in her Baptism dress, I fished her out just as a large wave was about to hit. Our Daughter also had her camera going so between us we might find something worth a hoot, if not it's to the studio we go.
Hubby and I along with our Harley buddy stopped for a quick breakfast of eggs bacon the works. Now we are fat and happy ready for the short 3 1/2 hour drive home, or so we thought. Less than 10 miles from town we ran into a thunderstorm from H..., we are talking can't see to drive, winds, lightning, thunder, swirling clouds, the roads were flooded in minuets.

The phone rings, it's our buddy "Big Dog" with a quick "I can't see, had to stop" end of conversation. So we circle back and find he and his bike across the street from a service station. It was raining so hard he couldn't even see he was close to some shelter, so he follows us over to get under the canopy of the station. This storm is wicked as H..., I went in for a potty break the lady tells me we are in a tornado warning better hang tight for awhile. No need to ask twice we will be staying put. Things finally let up a bit so off we go, Big Dog decided he is going to wait awhile longer to see if the sun will come back out. (Never did).

A few more miles down the road we are in it again, now there is a fruit stand with SC tree ripe peaches, that was one item on our gotta have list. Crap if I am not the one who gets to run out and purchase a bushel of peaches in the torrential rain. I am now went down to my undies and the suitcase is buried in the back, OK a beach towel will have to do. The rain continues so hard we can hardly see, then it hits.

Evidently the restaurant we stopped at didn't have the eggs in a cooler or else they had left them on the counter to long. Oh what the H... a little food poisoning never hurt anybody, after all we ate the last week a good cleaning out might not be a bad idea. My sweet hubby does a u turn to get to a typical not so great looking establishment in the back woods of SC. OK I am a brave gal but I felt the need for an escort, the place was a real dump. Back in the Damn pouring down rain and I see no restroom signs. The nice scary looking lady at the counter said they had one in the back, its marked storage room. I walk into a dark room that is wall to wall video poker machines slam full of people smoking, drinking and working the machines. Crap just like on TV, illegal as all get out, a fella looks up and say's "Yourins looking for a toilet?" Yes sir I am then I spot it.

I walk up a few wooden steps to a door not marked but thankfully it was what some in the back woods of SC would consider a restroom. Picture this. Three what I would call garage sinks, you know the plastic ones that you wash garden shoes and such in are lined up on one wall, 2 sinks have been cleverly modified to become men's urinals, you then step up to a platform that has the toilet which is missing a seat. There was no turning back at this point. I won't go into the details but you can use your imagination, dripping wet in a cute little sun dress with matching flip flops and no lock on the door. I was finished with the paperwork in a matter of seconds. I hit the door running telling Rambo man to put it in drive FAST!!!

We hit one after another sever thunderstorms and tornado's on the way home, took us 7 hours to arrive home to yet another storm. Our Buddy Big Dog made it home safely after cutting north of the really bad storms but still a steady rain. After 7 hours of travel my dress and all the layers underneath were still wet.
Now setting at home in dry PJ's sipping a carmel apple cider watching a little football. Please Lord don't let the authorities show up at the door and arrest me for being in a video poker den, I have a bushel of peaches to can in the AM!!!!

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