Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Slow Down!

 A pile of embroidery projects waiting on some TLC
 This will be cute paired with a home baked goodie
I am thinking a mug rug with this design on it, or a mug with a hot chocolate pack wrapped in a kitchen towel with is on it.

Sorry about the slow down in posts lately. I seem to be trying to fight some sort of virus for the past few weeks that has me dragging my feet, off and on stye in one eye and a new fever blister every few days. I think my body is saying SLOW DOWN. I've decided to stop fighting it and give in a little, a nap a day, cut out some of the yard work and cut back on some of the extras I seem to get myself into. Thankfully the garden is about done for the year, just a round of canning tomatoes every now and then (salsa today) I did put a few things in raised beds for the fall but I am going to give the traditional garden and myself a rest over the fall and winter, we have more food preserved than we could ever use in a year already.
I forgot to post last weeks weekly spending and didn't keep up with this weeks spending but I can say I was way over budget both weeks. Last week was back to school week so I took Daughter #1 and #2 classroom shopping, it doesn't take long to blow the budget at the book store and office supply. This week I was kicking butt until I went to Hobby Lobby Saturday to pick up some panties for the little girls to embroidery on and a few more things to work on for next weekend. I ended up at two Hobby Lobby's to get in on some of the deals they had on blank items to work with, grand total was $311.00 yikes! In my defense I have 103 things waiting to be embroidered, that works out to about $3.00 each, no way could I purchase fabric and make the items for a lower price. I should be set on projects for my new machine for a good long time!!
I will do my darndest to get back on track this week. I also need to figure out why the heck blogger spell check isn't working!! GRRRR


  1. I'm so envious of your embroidery machine, I just love what you've been doing with it!! I wondered where you were, and I think taking it easy is a good plan!! In my books you put superwoman to shame!!! You do SO much!! Take care of yourself!

  2. Thanks, I think my battery is wearing down!! Ha. I am lovin the new machine, might have to do some work for pay soon to justify the cost of all the threads and designs