Monday, August 15, 2011

Weekly Spending

 Leftover fabric my Sister used for her Daughters engagement party
 Window valances for Daughter #1 classroom, I made them extra long to help cozy up the room a bit
Table cloth and skirt for classroom check in table, now Daughter #1 can store things under the table with no unsightly clutter showing. Still have lots of fabric leftover to do something with....gonna give it some thought.

First off if any of your were following "1/2 dozen daily" in the past you will have seen that the blog has been shut down, never fear Carla has a new blog up and running. I just hate for her that she lost all the wonderful tips, information and inspiration she had on her blog from past years.
Oh my gosh our weather is beyond wonderful today!! Nice cool 80 degrees was the high today with not a cloud in the sky and a cool breeze, way too nice of a day to stay inside and can I didn't. I spent the morning running errands, more weeding in the jungle (garden), pulled the zucchini plants along with most of the summer squash. I am giving the cucumbers another go of it, I would like to make one more round of bread and butter pickles for gifts. Picked more tomatoes that have blossom rot but still ended up with close to a dozen so all was not lost, then reloaded the dehydrator with cherry tomatoes, squash, bell peppers and carrots. We are in really good shape with our dehydrated veggies this year. I can get soups, sauces and stews together  likety split  with it all come this fall and winter.
Since last week was vacation our weekly spending was out the window but I will share with you what our spending was for a family of 12 for 7 days and 6 nights on the sandy beach's of SC. I think I shared before vacation that this years trip was on us, we can't always foot the entire bill but this year was an exception, the kids were on their own as far and shopping or entertainment. After totaling everything up the cost per family had all 4 families pitched in would have been $450.00 not counting gas or meals on the road, that's less than $40.00 a month or $10.00 a week very doable on just about any income. After working up the numbers today we received a refund check in the amount of $200.00 from the family we rented the house from. There was a mix up on the dates so we couldn't stay the entire week, we didn't expect the refund but it was a really nice surprise so the cost would have been only $400.00 per family!! Good deal. If you plan ahead and start this week putting back an extra $10.00 a week next years vacation for your own family will be bought and paid for!! The $200.00 refund will be cashed and put back until I figure out a good place in our spending plan that could use a little boost. Hopefully Carla over at will post her cute little budget jars that would be perfect for starting your own vacation fund. So here is the spending, it is broken down in two ways, the first is spending for the family the second is spending for Rambo man I alone.
$1500.00 Rent for a week, received refund of $200.00
$132.00 Groceries
$74.00 Groceries
$37.00 Groceries
$30.00 Krispy Kream donuts
Total  - $1773.00
Our spending:
$74.00 Gas
$48.00 Breakfast - us and Daughter #1 family
$28.00 Lunch Ditto from above
$30.00 Ice cream for family outing
$25.00 Smurf movie with Tyler
$264.00 Family dinner out for crab legs
$12.00 Breakfast on the way home
$52.00 gas for on way home
Total spent - $533.00


  1. You are so talented! I love the bright & fun fabric!! :) Thans for the sweet words, Debby! I'm bummed that I lost everything too, but such is life I guess. :/

    That was a nice little refund you got back! You did great on your vacation & made many great memories as well! :)

  2. Thanks, I really hate that you lost your former blog, I liked looking back at old post, time to move on to better things!!