Saturday, August 13, 2011

Headed Home

Tyler is always on the move

It's been a nice week at the beach other than the crazy hot temperatures early on, we have had some great family time, lots of good food and fun with all the kids and Grands but I am ready to get back to normal. Daughter #1 and I hung back last night to get the packing done while Papaw, Tyler and SIL #1 went for a round of putt putt

After we get a few photo's of the kids this morning we will be headed home with an eye out for some local markets to pick up peaches. I haven't put any peaches up yet this year and Rambo man wants to take some local fruit back with him to share with the guys he works with. The fruit in Michigan has no flavor, my sweet husband has forgotten what fruits and veggies taste like from the grocery store, non of it has any flavor!! One of Hubbies Harley buddies has spent most of the week with us to get a little riding time in, when we had stuffed peppers the other night he wanted to know where we got the peppers from because they tasted different. We tend to forget how lucky we are that we are able to grow much of what we like to eat in our own back yard.

I'm pretty excited about our lack of spending this week as well, we had money put back for vacation but have hardly dipped into it, I will have to figure the totals when we get home but it has been a fraction of what we have spent in the past. The extra cash from vacation will be used to bump up our Christmas fund as well as help cover the overage we have spent on my car over the last month or so. We have our Anniversary trip coming up at the end of September I am thinking maybe we can take that trip for a little less cost as well which would be super cool!!

When our Harley buddy came in this week he was disgusted over what the stock market has been doing the past week, we have no idea other than the little he shared with us whats up with the market. That will be another thing we will have to catch up on, we are hopeful we didn't take as hard a hit this time as in 2008. Rambo man had backed out of a lot of the market a couple of weeks ago when once again the folks in DC couldn't act like adults. We aren't looking to be rich when we retire but it would be nice to have enough put back to cover the cost of food, meds and maybe a game of bingo now and then!!

Time to hit the shower, load the car and find a restaurant to have some breakfast, it will be good to be home


  1. Wow, that's awesome that you came in UNDER budget on vacation! You are so inspiring to me, Debby!! If I'm ever in your area I'm looking you up & we're hanging out! lol!

  2. Your on girl, the door is always open and we have plenty to eat