Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Short and Sweet

 Karsyn and Tyler
 Miss. Karsyn and her silly face
 Top I made for a friend who watched AJ for us
Pasta bowls ready to wrap for Christmas

This is gonna be a short post, it is way past my bedtime!!  Daughter #1 got some pretty good photo's of the kids at the beach and Karsyn alone in her Baptism dress thank goodness, no need to spend money at the studio after all.
I had Karsyn for a full day, whee, that kid wears me out.  I meet my Sister and a friend for the movie "The Help" tonight, durn if it wasn't sold out :(, decided to go to an outdoor cafe instead, the chicken in my pasta was not edible :( but at least the pasta and sauce was good. The meal ended up free so that was a bit of a consolation prize I guess.
During Karsyn's nap today I whipped up a top for AJ's Aunt Debbie who took her in while we were on vacation. Pearl is lacking in the TaTa department so it doesn't look so cute on her but it really did turn out nice. I added a thank you note and 4 gift cards to her favorite restaurants to the bag and delivered it tonight. She loved the top and gift cards, thank goodness something went my way!! This might seem like a bit of an extravagant gift for dog watching but in our area doggie daycare runs $60.00 a day added to that every time we have boarded AJ we end up at the emergency vet she is so ill, that's an additional $100-$200 bucks. Knowing that AJ is in a loving home is sooo worth every penny.
Picked up Kara's pasta bowls for Mommy and myself for Christmas this year. Daughter #3 is going to be so surprised and will LOVE this. It doesn't show in the photo but I have her hand print around the outside of the bowls as well. Karsyn will be next, her Birthday is in October, can't wait to see our big girls open these gifts. Off to bed with a good book, maybe I will get to read at least 1 page before I fall asleep.

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  1. Such sweet pics of the kids! :) And what a great gift too!! A wonderful keepsake, the kids can compare their handprints for years to come! :)