Monday, August 22, 2011

One Day Closer

 More dehydrated food. Putting together a meal this fall and winter will be so easy but its a LOT of work right now. The little white packet in the tomato's is and oxygen pack, I don't use them much any more but I do still like them in tomato's
Man this is a really bad photo (sorry) This is by far one of the best books I have read in a very long time. If you have an interest in eating locally, spending less on food and finding joy in the little things you gotta check this one out. Thanks for the suggestion Carla, I LOVED it!! The recipes included were a bit (a lot) exotic for our taste but there are a few I would like to try. I will pass it on to a few buddies later, I want to reread it again first!

I am closer today to a weed free garden than I was yesterday... enough said. I planned on having a nice big chief salad for dinner tonight with the yummy lettuce I picked up yesterday but after hours in the yard I needed something with a lot more bulk! Ham, parsley potato's, picked asparagus and peaches were on the menu tonight, tomorrow if I don't do as much man work maybe the salad will do.
I pulled a few more carrots today and planted a raised bed with even more. This planting I WILL take the time to thin them, we use lots of carrots in soups and stews I don't have nearly enough. Along with dehydrating carrots I threw in a few cherry tomatoes and bell peppers. Now that the garden is slowing down I think the dehydrator will see more action than the canner. I will try and get a picture of our dehydrated shelf jars soon, (have to clean the pantry up first). Off to bed with visions of a weed free bug free garden dancing in my head, a girls gotta dream!

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  1. The dehydrated food is wonderful! I'm so envious of your preserves & dehydrated foods!! I really hope to start doing all this next year! :) I really loved that book & am so glad you enjoyed it!! :) I found her story very inspiring!!