Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Return of the canner

Tonight's haul
He should be fun for New Years

Hard to read from the photo it says "That's weired! I smell carrots!"

I decided to take a stroll around the garden tonight to see how the seeds were coming along. The carrots and broccoli are coming up, have a few butternut squash that will be ready in a week or so and low and behold the tomatoes must have enjoyed the tropical winds we received from hurricane Irene, they took off again like crazy. Tomorrow will be another day of salsa making along with working on more embroidery samples, so far I have 36 finished, wheee that's a lot of work. I decided to work up a sample of all the designs I have for now on cheap flour sack towels instead of using good fabric. I am hopefully that this will help with determining the size and colors I want to use on towels, aprons and such as that.

I went to the fabric store today to get some help with the USB stick I use to download designs onto the machine. No one can figure out what the problem is with fonts other than I didn't copy it correctly, the download didn't work or there was a glitch when we extracted the files. It's back to the drawing board tomorrow. The main reason wanted the embroidery machine was to do monograms and personalize things, having fonts is very much needed!!

Here was an interesting conversation I had with a lady at the store. She was in town on a mini vacation from Portsmouth VA. I ask did she evacuate and head our way? Nope they stayed for the storm she came down after things were cleared up. She was very angry that the media had talked up the hurricane so much and in the end they didn't have anything more than really heavy winds and rain. Her husband had bought a generator and other emergency supplies that were a total waste of money, she thinks the weather channel should refund all the cash they spent. WHAT!!! I told her how lucky she was that her hubby spent all the time and money to insure she and her children were prepared for whatever might have been, there are thousands of families that are still without power or water, some are stranded with no way to get in or out due to washed out bridges and roads, people have lost their homes and some have lost their lives. She could care less, the schools were closed, the kids were home driving her crazy and she was in town for a shopping spree just to show her husband!! Holy crap, somebody has to go home and live with that lady!!! Thankfully it's not me!!


  1. Look at that wonderful bounty!!! I'm subscribing to a local organic box program that's going to cost me a small fortune... I can't wait to garden next year!! The embroidery is soo cute! Love it!! :)

    Some people really have NO CLUE!!! *jaw hanging open*

  2. The local farm I buy from has a program for veggies and even meat. I buy in such large quanities of things not in our garden I don't belong to the coop but it is a good deal otherwise. You and the kids will love having your own garden, nothing like home grown, start with something you love that will grow well in your area so you have good luck the first year!! I am loving the new machine but a bit overwhelmed with everything I want to try!! Once I figure it all out I might try doing an Etsy shop to help cover the cost of my addiction!