Thursday, August 4, 2011

Fiscal Fast Update

Patterns from AC Moore, ate the free candy bar. All for only .12 cents, used $5.00 customer coupon
Pretend this is 3 cases of water I was to lazy to drag it all in and reading material for Rambo Man for vacation, cost $1.77 Used $17.00 rewards dollars and the water was on sale

Food for the beach, and something for me to read. spent $9.00, used $10.00 rewards dollars and some things were on sale

Today was get your doodly squat together, vacation is fast approaching, Hubby is on his way home, Tyler's 5th BD is Saturday, get the embroidery machine repaired, the garden waits for no woman, get bills lined up to pay on Friday, clear out the stack of read later/deal with later pile, order crib for Grand #4, check expiration dates on rewards dollars. It was a tall order but I took no prisoners and wiped out the list. Tomorrow's list is not as long but there is very little wiggle room, I will have to stay on task.
The embroidery machines problem was a user (me) issue as well as the auto bobbin winder is out of whack. I will take it in after vacation for repairs. I am thinking it might be going along with me for some play time at the beach.

After a trip to the fabric store where I spent NOT ONE RED CENT I meet up with Daughter #1 to order the crib she wants. Karsyn will be getting the new crib "Baby Bubba" will be getting the one Karsyn has been using along with the changing table/dresser that matches. The furniture Karsyn has been using is Tyler's old nursery, it is in excellent shape but is a bit boyish so we ordered Karsyn a cute white Cap Cod looking crib along with the conversion kit for a day bed and later a full size bed. The cost was ridicules but this will be her bed until she leaves for college! The crib was a preplanned expense and not part of our weekly spending so I get a pass on that.

After checking my rewards dollars I realized I had 3 that were going to expire while at the beach, no way was I gonna leave close to $40.00 on the table so I had to spend a little to get a lot.

Updated Fiscal Fast

Monday - $7.00 eatting out

Tuesday - $.00

Wensday $.00

Thursday - $10.89 Saved 39.73


  1. Awesome deals! The patterns are so cute!! Love them! :) It's so great that you can help your kids like that... I'd have been in heaven had someone bought me a big ticket item when I was pregnant! :)

  2. I so wanted to end the ficsal fast with 0 spending but the deals were to good to pass up, in the long run I saved money even if I did have to spend this week. We are so lucky to be at a point in life where we can do some things for our kids, we never had any help when we started out, in the end I think it made us much stronger than the youth of today. Our girls very much appreciate what we can do for them but they still think I am crazy for all cuponing and saving plans