Monday, August 8, 2011

Let the Fun Begin

Karsyn and Papaw, her first time at the beach

I am setting on the front porch of the beach house with a cup of coffee enjoying a quite morning with the ocean as my background noise, ahhhhh. We are all unpacked and organized for some lazy days hanging at the beach, the last of our gang arrived last night just in time to get all the little ones fired up again before bed. What the heck, who needs to live by the clock when your on vacation! Tyler was so funny yesterday on our way down, when we stopped for lunch Daughter #1 told us to ask him how is the weather in SC. He proceeded to tell us SC is as hot as a damn burrito, where do these kids come up with this stuff, it's hard to not laugh out loud!!

We got a wonderful surprise from Kathy and Pete the owners of the beach house when we arrived. Kathy gave our family signed copies of both of her books!! So stinkin excited!!! Kathy loves history, she has spent volumes of time researching the impact of woman in forming many of rights and privilege's we all take for granted today. I will take a photo of the books later today to post, I am afraid if I go back in the house I might wake the little ones!!

Rambo man and I hit the grocery yesterday to pick up the perishables, this years trip is on us. All 3 of our Daughters have faced or are facing some upcoming expenses this year that are pretty large, we can afford a treat or two now and then so we surprised everyone by not having them pitching in on the rent or any of the food, they are however on their own in the drink category!! I'm going to track our spending this week out of curiosity so follow along if you want, keep in mind there may not be a ton of frugal living involved but vacation was planned and saved for.

Rent - $1500.00

Gas - $74.00

Groceries - $132.00


  1. Love the sweet pic!! And the "damn burrito" comment!! Rotfl! My youngest says stuff that makes us burst out loud all the time too! lol!

    The books sound wonderful! You'll have to post more about them! :)

    It's wonderful that you're treating your family to the beach-house vacation! Lucky kids!! Wanna adopt me?! ;)

  2. Head on down Carla, plenty of rooms and good food