Saturday, August 6, 2011

Pottery shop
Kara working on her master piece

Friday was a full day for sure! I gave up at 12:00 last night when my original list was completed but ended up adding a few more things to today's list requested by Daughter #1 for Tyler's party today. We had the oddest weather yesterday, I woke up to thunder and rain at 6:30 AM, we rarely get rain during the day in the summer, usually its just afternoon thunderstorms. The storm continued until a little after 3:00 with off and on thunderstorm warnings and buckets of rain, we ended up with 6.78 inches of rain!! We are expecting another round of heavy rain and thunderstorms today, therefor Daughter #1 is scrambling to come up with a back up plan if Tyler's pool party gets rained out, that's how I ended up with a few more things on my to do list.
So here is a quick run down of accomplishments; I took Kara to the pottery shop to finish up her 1 year old pasta serving bowl, we will be saving this for Mom and Dad as a Christmas gift (Nanny is getting one as well) When Tyler turned a year old I helped him make a serving platter for Mom and Dad and of course I had to have one as well. The girls have forgotten about that for now so I decided to surprise them with one for Christmas from the little girls. This is one of my new fugal moves, normally I would do something like this for the big girls and give it to them immediately, not so any more I squirrel stuff away now for Christmas. I will do one with Karsyn in October when she turns one then in December I am taking Daughter # 1 and her family over for a surprise outing to do a Christmas platter with all of their hand prints that will form a Christmas tree on a cookies for Santa plate. Because the pottery is so expensive I bought a years family pass that we can get a BOGO free deal The pass paid for itself already just in Kara's dishes. All of our girls and my sister can us the pass as well, this might be a nice outing for our Daughters to do with the kids next summer.

I also put together our meal plan for the Beach and pulled all of the food together to take with us. Now this might seem totally nuts but it is a solution to a problem I am afraid I will be running into later. With Rambo man out on a project again for 4 to 6 months (translation 6-8 months) I don't think I will be able to rotate food we have on hand fast enough. Why pay full price for groceries at the beach when I have most of what we will be eating right here at home that was bought at deep discount prices. I have our grocery list ready for once we get to the beach it's nothing more than milk, bread, butter, eggs that sort of thing. To keep me out of the kitchen 24-7 all week our girls have to take a full day of providing meals for the rest of the family, they were all pretty excited that they won't have to do any grocery shopping just cooking and cleaning up this year.
Got the laundry all finished yesterday as well, this morning all I need to do is throw some things in a suitcase and we will be ready to rock. After Kara left yesterday I sandwiched and pinned 2 quilts (I hate that part of quilting) they will be ready to go when we return home from the beach. Then we had a late night run to Walmart that threw my Fiscal Fast in a tail spin. Sometimes that's just the way it goes. Prego Daughter #1 is running her tail off getting ready for the beach trip as well as Tyler's BD party today, add to that her In-Laws are in for the weekend. She has been unable to find super hero prizes for the games we will need to have in place if the party is moved inside so Rambo man and I took that over for her. I might have done OK if I would have left my sweet hubby home, he makes good money and doesn't mind spending it especially when it comes to the Grands and our big girls. Tyler now has all the prizes he will need for his party along with a Spider man pinata fully loaded. Papaw, Nanny, and Daddy will be wearing Spider man tee shirts as soon as I can get the spiderwebs painted on our new shirts and Karsyn has a Spider man outfit to wear as well. So much for our Fiscal Fast! We will still come in way under budget and as soon as the banks open today I will be cashing $477.00 in refund checks from insurance and utilities from Rambo mans Va rental house that I have been saving for vacation. We already had our vacation fund in place, now we won't have to dip quite as deep into that!

Fiscal Fast update

Monday - $7.00 eating out

Tuesday - $.00

Wednesday - $.00

Thursday - $11.00

Friday - $118.00


  1. So basically you just around watching soaps & eating bonbons right?! ;) lol!! Sounds like a very busy & productive day!! As for the fiscal fast, can't win 'em all! ;)

  2. Ha, wonder what that would feel like!! I am thinking a week at the beach with the whole gang might be more work than just staying at home but eveyone needs a little sand in their pants to make the summer feel complete!!