Thursday, August 25, 2011

Short Post

 I finally got around to making english muffins ths week, you can find the recipie here
 One batch makes enough to feeze and share.
 For supper last night I had a toasted english mufffin and the last of the cheif salad I made earlier in the week. It was so nice to have some fresh lettuce in the house for a change. I haven't bought lettuce from the store this year, the last we have had was in June when our own lettuce gave in to the heat.
 I found plain white kitchen towels at Wally world for a good price. I have been spending to much of my time at the embridory machine and on the PC downloading designs once my Sister showed me how to do all the downloading unzipping and such.
Right now this is my favorite design, love the "Boo, Yall!"

I have been so busy doing this and that all week that I haven't had time to post. Much of the time has been spent on the biggest time sucker of all, the computer :( Some day's it feels like all I have done is spin my wheels while the weather channel is on in the background. For any of you in the path of this storm PLEASE leave your home if you are ask to, it is not right to put emergency workers lives at risk to save folks who are too stubborn to get out of harms way. If you are able to stay home I hope you have all of your preperations finished so you can spend some time resting up for what may be on its way. Folks living on a set income will have a hard time purchasing the extras that are needed, if you have an elderly neighbor or a single Mom in your area take the time to lend a hand and check on them after the storm has passed. Having a full pantry using coupons and buying on sale will help you avoid the added cost of preparing for a storm of this size. Alternet cooking sources, lighting and TONS of water are a must. The recomminded gallon of water a day might be enough for drinking but flusing the toilet, washing dishes and sponge bathing will take much more water not to mention the clean up after the storm is done. Do you really want to spend days in the yard on clean up and not have a way to at least wash some body parts?
I have both little girls the rest of the week so I HAVE to get my act together or they will take over (more than they already do). One of the tings I am motivated to learn this weekend is how to use our Sun Oven. I ask for and received my Sun Oven this past Christmas, I have yet to try it out. Having an alternative to bake in is great if you have any idea how to use it!!
Stay safe and look out for neighbors, friends and family, you will be blessed beyond belief with little acts of kindness.


  1. Arent the English muffins just great?! My kids & hubby love them!! The tea towels are super cute!! Love them! We had 4 tornadoes touch down here last night! I'm so glad we have a basement now! Stay safe out there! Hopefully this storm season all comes to an end soon!

  2. tornado's are a scary thing, they can come on so fast. We are far enough inland that we won't be getting anything from this storm. I really liked the muffins, next round I am going to try 1/2 wheat, 1/2 white flour. I am have more fun than should be leagl with this new machine!