Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Multi Tasking

I needed to cram all I could in today. I have the little girls the rest of the week, a sewing getaway this weekend, salsa to can and one of my good buddies had hip replacement Tuesday so I am trying to get to the hospital a couple of times a day. After a morning run to the hospital I came home and fired up both sewing machines. I want to get as many samples of embroidery done before my weekend getaway as I can squeeze in and my buddy needed a bag for the walker she will be using for the next few weeks.

The canner is going with the first load of salsa as I was running between both machines

After more hours than I care to count the salsa is finished

The cute pocket bag is ready to attach to my friends walker

And I was able to get a few more designs done, this is one I did a few days ago, can't show the ones from today, I am thinking they might end up being gifts for ladies who follow this blog.

My back is killing me and my butt is dragging.

Tomorrow will be another full all hands on deck sorta day starting with vacuuming and mopping before I pick Karsyn up at 7:15, a quick run to the hospital to drop of the bag and a few snacks for my friend then back home with Karsyn to wait until Kara arrives in the afternoon. If I can get them both down for a nap at the same time I need to start pulling together projects to work on over the long weekend so packing will go a bit faster Friday night. I have piles and piles of things to do, now to decide what I can reasonably accomplish in 3 days with lots of catching up to do with an old friend. Off to bed, the alarm will be going off in just a few hours!!

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