Friday, August 12, 2011

Last Day

Papaw and Tyler flying a kite

Today is our last full day at the beach, we could hang around tomorrow until 3:00 but there is so much we need to get done around the house before hubby heads out that it's time for us to go. Son-In-Law #1 arrived in late last night after numerous delays to his flight, Daughter #1 could use an extra pair of hands with the little ones and Tyler will now have someone to pal around with in the deeper water. This is the first year ever that we were not able to have the entire crew together for at least a day or two but with babies, jobs and such it is to be expected. I will need to figure out a way to get a family photo for our Christmas card at a different time and location for this year, maybe our Mountain trip in November will work out for us.

We will be doing a refrigerator clean out today for meals other than breakfast. We still have leftover roast beef and gravy along with stuffed peppers and the fixins for home made pizzas. It looks like the only thing we will have to drag back home is snacks that were never opened. I will be putting them in Daughter #1's car, we still have snacks that rarely get opened at home. Bringing our meals from home not only saved us a lot of cash but it also helped rotate some food out of the house. On my list to do when things settle down is to do an inventory of the pantry and freezers I am thinking I need to rotate even more pretty soon.

We did some shopping yesterday at the outlet mall with Daughter #1 looking for some baby boy layette things as well as overpriced purses for our big girls as Christmas gifts. Daughter #1 found a few things for Baby Bubba and a purse for herself that we bought for her big Christmas gift but nothing for Daughters #2 and #3. At least we scored a 20% off coupon on the purse but they still seem like such a waste of money to me. Another area of inventory is the gift closet and drawers, I have put back a lot for Christmas already this year but I need to get a list together of what we have and what else we will want to pick up so I can start watching the sales and coupons.

It's time to work up the last of the eggs, biscuits, bacon and sausage, tomorrow we will be eating on the road. I figured out we used 8 dozen eggs, 4 pounds of sausage, 7 pounds of bacon and 6 cans of biscuits along with countless gallons of juice. The one thing we have noticed over the years is if we have scheduled meal times we all tend to eat less snacks during the day and in the evening whice is a good thing.

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  1. Sounds like you've had busy & fun days with your girls & grandkids! :) Soo jealous of the beach pics!!