Thursday, August 11, 2011

I'm Back

Another meal is in the books, now maybe I can have a bit of me time, but maybe not. We are going to take it easy today after a jam packed full day and late night yesterday.

Daughter #2 and her boyfriend of 3 or is it 4 years left this morning at 5:00AM to head back to work for him, setting up the class room for her. I was a super good Mom while they were here, I never ask what his intentions are nor did I sing "If you want it better put a ring on it". When Lady Gaga came out with the ring song I thought it was intended for hip Mom's like me that believe in old fashion values like marriage and families, we could use the fun little song along with some smooth moves from the 70's to impress upon young men dating our Daughters that we don't go for the just hanging around deal we expect long term commitments as in getting down the isle!! My Daughters feel differently about my subtle hints to said young man, I think they don't like my singing voice so I layed low this week and kept the thoughts to myself.

The other late night job I had other than chasing Karsyn around was to embroider the team logo along with each players numbers on softball shorts for 14 young men on boyfriends team. Holy Hannah I thought I would never finish!! Daughter # 2 and boyfriend ran into a great sale while shopping yesterday on team shorts, they returned back with the shorts along with a large spool of black thread and a sheepish look on their face. I can say I got lots of practice and learning what not to do on synthetic material. He left the sweetest thank you note along with some money for all my time, durn I was thinking maybe a ring!! Na not really, we tease Daughter #2 but really she is just not ready to settle down yet. She enjoys the time with our family, playing with all the little ones then going back to her peaceful apartment!! Can't say that I blame her.

Off to clean out the refrigerator and pull together leftovers for lunch then get a head start on supper, this afternoon I think I will be forced to do some shopping with Daughter #1 (say a prayer please) We will have Tyler, Ms Karsyn and Mom is 5 months pregnant, I need to just suck it up and go. Some years we have been lucky in finding a purse for Daughter #1 and Daughter #2 at the outlet malls for their big Christmas gift. Then we are headed to the airport to pick up Son-In-Law #1 so he can spend the last few days at the beach with us, it will be nice to have a little fresh meat to help out with the little ones


  1. You're a mom, you're ALWAYS allowed to ask those questions nobody else should if you ask me!! ;) It's part of the deal, honey!! Lol!

  2. Ha, I think they both know where we stand on the to have and to hold deal, it's time to get on down the isle!!