Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Fiscal Fast

Daughter #1 and I began working on her classroom at 8:30 this morning and gave up at 3:00. Everything is done except hanging posters, curtains and tablecloths (guess who gets to make those) This particular Daughter has had a love for books from the time she could pick one up. She can read a 400 page novel in an afternoon, we had a heck of a time keeping her in books as a child. When she decided teaching was her passion of course she choose language arts, this is all leading somewhere I promise! Her new classroom has 6 bookcases, along with a full wall of cabinets upper and lower, want to take a wild guess at what is in all of them? Yep its books, and she still needs more storage space! Since this Daughter is also expecting "Baby Bubba" in December Nanny had the pleasure of unpacking all of the books. Of course they had to be in order and still look cute. I am past the stage of exhaustion. Every child deserves a chance once in their years of schooling to have the opportunity of having a teacher like our big girl (big girls are our Daughters, little girls are our grands) She always sets her classroom up with a reading corner just like the elementary schools (she has 7th grade), shelves of books, a nice rug to stretch out on, a soft light reading lamp and a pile of carpet squares the kids are welcome to move around where they want to hang out with a book, everything is cozy warm and inviting. Hell if I wasn't working so hard fluffing her nest I wouldn't have minded curling up with a book myself. The curtains, tablecloths and any other special touch items she wants will have to wait until after vacation, my plate is plenty full for now!!

On to the week of Fiscal fasting:
Monday - $7.00 for lunch/supper, not a good start but it was badly needed!!
Tuesday - $.00
Unless you want to count the cost of car repairs which were $1,303.04, lets just skip that disgusting number and move on shall we?
Here is what I didn't buy that I would have liked to;
Cute ruffle panties that I can monogram "Splash/Little Fish " or something on to match the embroidered dress
A nice piece of pale blue fabric with a hint of a pattern to make Kara a embroidered sail boat dress
A big old hunk of chocolate cake to ease the pain of car repairs.
A night out with my Sister to a "31" party I was sure to spend $$ at, I was waiting on my car to get done at the repair shop, missed the party
A new car with a full warranty that was listed at $47,000.00
I tell ya with all the money I am saving I could go on a heck of a sewing/scrapbooking retreat!!


  1. School starts fairly early in the US doesn't it? At least she you got most of it done! :)

    I don't know that I could have resisted that big chunk of chocolate cake after getting the car repair bill!! Ouch!!! :(

    So far, so good though!

  2. I think the only thing that saved me from the cake was knowing how much free chocolate I have in the pantry from sales and coupons. School starts back Aug 16th here, I'm glad we got most of it done now and have the list of things she wants to do for the room while I still have time to pull it off. She thinks everything has to be perfect for when she welcomes her students, I have to agree with her!! The first day sets the tone for the whole year