Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Weekly Spending

Potato Harvest

Last night I decided to dig up the potatoes, I wasn't expecting much and that is exactly what we got, not much. I think it's important in life to go with your strenghts and pursue what you love.
We do love potatoes but obviously it is not one of our stellar strengths, next year is just around the corner, someday the zucchini will behave and the potatoes will flourish!

I came in under budget again this week by the hair of my chininy chin chin. I knew ahead of time that I wanted the USB stick that works with the embroidery machine (I think that's what its called) With this little tiny stick I can download designs that appeal to me, I won't have to purchase programs that run from $50.00-$500.00 only to end up with lots of stuff I will never use. The class was free but there was a reasonable priced supply fee of only $10.00, whatever we purchase on class day we receive a 10% discount. I know that's not much but something is better than nothing. That being said I was super careful with my spending all week so I would have the cash to blow on Saturday. I am on a fabric freeze for awhile so I didn't even look at fabric, hard but doable!!

This week I am taking a fiscal fast challenge, we are less than a week from vacation, I'm thinking having a little extra cash to come home to when we return will be a welcome sight. So far so good, I did spend last night on a sandwich with my sister but it was worth every dime!!!! I will try and keep a running update on the fiscal fast the rest of the week

For now I am headed to the auto shop where Daughter #1 will pick me up for the day to help set up her classroom. My car was making a very expensive noise on the way home from class Saturday :(, our car budget is busted for the year, gonna have to dig into savings to cover the cost DURN. I have to keep reminding myself car repairs are cheaper than purchasing a new car which would run $30,000.00 or more, maybe the fix will be nice and cheap but it sure sounded big and expensive.

Weekly spending

Gas $25.00

Thread $15.00

Groceries $9.00

Eating out $12.00

Fabric store $115.00

Total spent `$196.00 under budget by $4.00

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  1. Hey, under budget is under budget! ;) You did great! You could make a small order of fries with those potatoes, Debby! ;) lol!! Hope you get a better potato harvest next year.