Monday, August 1, 2011

Short Post

Working on a sailboat for Kara's beach dress, sail boat is coming along but the dress fabric is all wrong, I am determined to pull from my stash!!!
Fish are swimming around the front and back

This is the second bodice but still not right, back to the drawing board (scrap fabric)

My sister and I started up the sewing machines at 10:00AM today, didn't take a lunch break until 5:00 then back at it until 8:00PM, my tail is dragging. I will try and get the weekly spending updated tomorrow. I am headed to Daughter #1 classroom to unpack and set up her room early in the morning, gonna be another LONGGGG day. She can't be lifting boxes or climbing ladders with "Baby Bubba" in the oven.

My sister recycled a comforter to make a bed scarf, it turned out so nice, very classy. In one day she cut it up, sandwiched, pinned, quilted, bound and finished it off, turned out to be 34x83 scarf.

I on the other hand fought bobbin thread most of the day, my machine is a bit out of whack, but I won't be able to get to the shop until maybe Wednesday. Ripped off the first bodice strip, put on the second strip and will be taking it off as well, who knew pink would be such a hard color to match. Gonna lean towards the green or aqua tomorrow. I am determined to make the little girl dresses from what I have on hand and I went up a size on them, figured the summer will be over soon so maybe they will get 2 summers of wear from them this way. Building up an embroidery thread stash is going to take some cash and lots of 40% off deals, I don't need to be spending even more $$ on fabric!!!

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