Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Lets Can Shall We (part 2)

 After the peaches are scalded they go in a colander then in a sink of cold water with ice cubes, next is to peel and slice them in the other sink and colander
 As the peaches are sliced they go in the far right bowl, then a quick soak in the middle bowl, a lemon juice mixture to keep them from turning brown, on to the 3rd bowl until I have enough to can a batch
 After I have a batch worked up they go to the light syrup until they are warm, then its into the jars. I use a wooden grill skewer to remove the air bubbles. I like to use wide moth jars and a wide mouth funnel but someone has taken off with my wide mouth funnel. I wasn't about to look in the garage or sand box to hunt it down, next trip to Williams Sonoma I'll be picking up a stainless steel number!!
 My canner will hold 8 pint jars, once you remove them from the canner I put them on a towel on the counter for at least overnight. Once they are good and cool I remove the rims, check the seels and wipe the jars down with some warm water. I don't want to take any chances on sticky stuff getting on my canning shelves to attract bugs.
It takes lots of space for all the jars that are finished to cool off, this is  the second of the three counters that I used today. I QUIT after 6 batches, total of 48 pint jars. The rest of the peaches were delivered to a friend tonight and I have a large bag to take to the soup kitchen in the morning. My body just wouldn't do any more no matter what my mind game said!!
Tomorrow night is canning a batch of tomatoes into pizza sauce and a batch of bread and butter pickles for gifts. The dehydrator is loaded with cherry tomatoes, bell peppers and jalapeno peppers, they should be ready to jar up in the AM. I LOVE dehydrating it is so much easier!!! Thanks for hanging with me on this way too long post. Canning season is so close to being over, for whatever reason I have really struggled keeping up this year, I think I might need more chocolate.


  1. Those look wonderful! I missed your last post, I'm going to have to bookmark these posts! I have no idea where to start with this stuff... I should be on the lookout for supplies, etc...

    By the way, I'd kill to see pics of your pantry with all your stockpile! *hint* ;)

  2. Photo's will come soon, need to get it all in and orginized again, thankfully canning is almost over for the year!!