Tuesday, August 9, 2011

It's HOT

Kara loves Ice Cream
One of the 2 books Kathy gave us

Butterfly is off center but as fast as this rear end moves nobody will notice

Crap, takes 30 minutes to download photo's with the Internet here, no time for fixing mistakes

The heat index yesterday was 114 degrees, even with the ocean breeze it's hot as a "Damn Burrito" as Tyler would say. Daughter #1 took Tyler to the beach early in the day but it was just to hot to have the babies out of the air conditioning so Rambo man and I hung at the house with them. The big kids did stay at the beach for most of the day, I'm thinking with enough adult beverages they didn't notice the heat. We are going to give an early morning splash in the waves with the little girls a try today then maybe back at sundown with them, the weather is saying by Wednesday or Thursday the heat will back down a bit so we can all hang out awhile longer enjoying the ocean.

I played around with the embroidery machine a little yesterday jazzing up some onesies for the girls to sleep in. I forgot to bring pins so I am having a time of it getting things centered. I only have a handful of threads to work with as well, until I can build up a stock of thread my creative endeavors are going to be limited. I am willing to wait for the 40% off sales, I always have way more to do than time anyway.
Last night we hit the North Myrtle Beach Pavilion for the kids to ride a few things and Tyler to play some games, I really can't remember being so hot!! We were all dripping in sweat, but it didn't bother the little kids one bit, ahhh to be young and dumb.

Off to fire up the griddle, we are having french toast with sausage links this morning, it takes volumes of food to keep this crew running. Here is a typical breakfast 2 dozen eggs, 3 pounds bacon and 2 1/2 cans of biscuits (yes we use canned at the beach!) a gallon of OJ and a pot of coffee


  1. The book looks great! :) I think the off center embroidery details are cute on the bum!! I'd go simple at the beach too! You're supposed to be (semi!) relaxing!! lol!

  2. Semi relaxing is the key word!! All of are kids and Grands are TV nuts, it drives me crazy but thankful we have each other to go nuts with