Friday, April 13, 2012

Things I'm Lovin

 Really good book even if I didn't get the Tim Tebow poster!
 This is a must read. I downloaded a copy onto my Nook but I will be buying a signed book for each of our DD for Christmas this year. I look like the old lady in the back of a tent revival standing on a chair shouting when reading this thing, " Ya sister, preach it"  "Amen, your right on"
A new fabulous product that will be saving me lots of $$.

Today I start back full time with the Grands, where did that week of I am going to get soooo much done go?  I did accomplish a few things but not nearly as much as I thought I could :(  Yesterday was devoted to making dresses/tops for the little girls. I got 0 finished, grr Between the phone, a trip to the park to meet up with DD and her 3 little ones, hubby calling a million times, and not leaving well enough alone on the pattern I started with all I have left to show for the day is a dress that will have to be reworked after I finish taking it apart with the seam ripper and a kitchen that is upside down with sewing notions.

The bright spot of the day, other than playing with the grands and giving them a nap after the park was using the new tracing paper the ladies at "Sew Much Fun" suggested. It is wonderful!! If your into sewing you know how expensive patterns are. I have some I have paid close to $20.00 for, CRAZY. The little girls are in the smallest size of the pattern at this point in time. If I cut out their size then the other sizes are wasted. In the past I would use butcher paper to trace out the smaller patterns, a real pain in the butt and hard to store for later use. The Kwik Trace paper is as thin as tissue paper but won't tear like tissue paper would. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this stuff!!!

I have no idea why this blooper photo loaded in the middle of the post but there you have it. Kara was a little confused when we handed her the princess wand, she threw her hands up for a touchdown. We do love us some college football around this place.

Hubby has a 3 day weekend,  with any luck and not much fussing (I hope) we should be able to tag team Kara and finish off a few things. The biggy is tilling the garden and we might have someone interested in buying the boat, fingers crossed on that one. We will also be going to the post office to mail out the dreaded income tax check. Tonight is dinner out with the family to celebrate DD # 3 birthday, how did she become 29 years old? If our girls keep this up much longer they will be the same age as us.


  1. I've been eyeing that Tebow book! You enjoyed it? Bummer about the poster! ;) hehe! He's easy on the eyes isn't he?!

    Love the photo of gdd! Hahaha!! Priceless!!

  2. Love the "blooper" pic of Kara, it is priceless! Fingers crossed on the boat for you. My Income Tax Refund I am sure was pretty much gone before I received it, dang it all. Lots of luck on your goals for the upcoming weekend, Debby !

  3. I just love the picture of little Kara, dont they do the cutest things when you least expect?