Saturday, April 21, 2012

What Melts my Butter!

 Karsyn playing in their new play house, sporting her new dress.
 Playing peek a boo.
 Door bells that really work.
 Why use the door when the window is more fun. I love this little ruffley rump.
 Early morning T-Ball
 With lots of new friends.
What would t-ball be with out the fans!!

I should be free motion quilting a Birthday gift but my shoulders are killing me. I love quilting until it comes time to quilt, UGH this is hard work!!

Tyler had his first T-ball game today. How did this happen my sweet little boy is playing for the Braves. This time last year he was in the kitchen with me baking cookies and cupcakes :(  They grow up to fast!!!

The weather was nice enough after naps yesterday for some play house fun. Karsyn used the door the first time she went in after that it was climbing through the window ONLY!! Karsyn is an absolute opposite of her Mommy! DD#1 wasn't too crazy about any out door activities, she was always so quite, reserved and polite, Karsyn not so much!! HA This little gal gives us a run for our money each day!!!

This is the stuff that melts my butter and my heart.

I have the rest of the weekend to play around all by myself, Ya me!! First on the agenda is to get the "Bird House" birthday quilt finished, then on to a second quilt that needs to be quilted. If there is any time left I would love to make a little something easy and fun, of course a nap isn't out of the question. 


  1. Love the pics! Looks like the $ for that playhouse was well spent!! :) She looks so sweet in that outfit!!

  2. I LOVE the ruffle butt ! Ahh, it has been 25 years past my baby was in T-Ball, where does it all go this commodity of time? I can't wait to see the birdhouse quilt, I love birdhouses. Take care of those shoulders, enjoy a nap.

  3. Karsyn playing house is awesome.she is so......cute.Really the window is funny.

  4. Ha ha that is the sweetest rump! Worth all that sewing and in one of your adorable little dresses too! What fun they are having. I have finally finished the pinafores! xx

  5. Some gorgeous photos of the littlies! They give so much pleasure and joy dont they? Thanks Debby for giving me the sunshine blog award.I havent done anything about it yet, been busy, but I will, thank you very much! Enjoy your week!

  6. Love Karsyn's pigtails and are those cheerios she's snacking on? Kazi must have eaten 100 boxes of Oh's as she used to call them when she was little - a favorite snack. I like how you love to quilt until it comes time to QUILT! But then it sounds like your shoulders need a wee break.