Sunday, April 22, 2012

Simple Sunday

 Another Birthday quilt is complete, it was pouring down rain today an indoor shot was all I figured I could get today.
 I kept my eye on the sky as I worked on a second quilt. As soon as the rain let up I got it on the clothes line.
 I like the back as much as the front.
 Aren't these butterflies sweet.
 One of 9 birdhouses on the quilt.
 Took some time to rest my arms in the afternoon. Monogramming takes no work at all once I get it hooped. Tyler is super excited to load up his T-Ball equipment for practice tomorrow. I went with their last name since it seems there are tons of Tyler's in T-Ball this season. Once Tyler outgrows this bag Karsyn can have a turn, then on to Mason man.
Here is my peaceful project for tonight. Some trashy TV and hand sewing on the binding of MY VERY OWN quilt. Gonna hang this gal on the clothes line tomorrow when the grands go down for a nap!!

Since 2 of the 3 of our DD's are out of town this weekend as well as hubby I took the afternoon off from Sunday dinner. Instead I ran over to DD #1 home at bath time tonight to get some hugs and deliver Tyler's bat bag. I forgot how wet and wild bath time is with 3 little ones, no need to mop the bathroom floor at DD #1 house, it gets a good washing each night.

I was able to get the binding on the Birthday quilt this morning then it was on to free motion quilting a quilt for me!! Some days it just all works, no broken thread, no phone interruptions, bottle ,diapers, or spit up. I should finish up the binding tonight or at least by tomorrow. LOVE this quilt!!

I joined in with Sharon over at for her Fiscal Fast. I am running my fast from Sunday to Sunday. I will update on how I did tomorrow. I hope to put back my $200.00 weekly spending budget by the end of the week, need to beef up the Christmas/Vacation account. I have been getting too sloppy with money here lately!!


  1. your birthday bird house quilt is too cute...good job!!
    do not blame you for going to get your hugs & kisses from the little ones...they grow up too fast!!

  2. I love the birdhouse quilt; looking forward to seeing "your" quilt now...the suspense of it all! I could use some trashy tv relaxation too, maybe I will go now to find me some.

  3. You are just too talented!!! Love the birdhouse quilt!! I can't wait to see your quilt too! :) Glad you made yourself something!

  4. I love the quilt on which you are sewing the binding!

  5. I love the colors in the quilt you are making for yourself! Very cheery.

  6. That quilt is divine - you are clever!!! don't know how you do everything so quickly xx

  7. I will never stop being amazed at everything you make! You are just SO talented!!