Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Spending Hangover

 This seersucker fabric was marked down to $3.99 a yard, can't pass up a deal like that.
 This fabric will be used for something for the little girls. I have so many patterns put back for them I need to get busy working them up.
 I couldn't leave this in the store.
 Or this.
 Lots of the things I will be making for the little girls require ribbon ties or seam binding to finish off. The packages of pre made binding and ribbon are not tickling my fancy so I invested in this tool. Hope I can figure out how it works.
Carla over at 1/2 Dozen Daily has me felling like I need to get on the hexie bandwagon. I picked up a template yesterday then cut some out to work on in the evenings. Hopefully I can use up lots of scraps to make a "Grandmothers Garden" quilt by next year.

I spent money like a crazy woman yesterday, good thing this doesn't happen often or we would be in the poor house for sure. I had taken $400.00 with me for spend money on our girls weekend. I only spent $21.95 on a GREAT history of quilting book from the smokey mountain region and less than $50.00 eating out. I had planned on depositing the rest of the money back in our Christmas/vacation account but.... I decided to head to my favorite quilt shop first to check out the price of the bias tape attachment for my sewing machine. I figured spending the leftover money on something useful was a fiscaly sound move. OK I know putting it back in the bank would be the best option but lets just move on shall we.

The attachment was over $300.00, Oh My. In addition to that I would need yet another presser foot that ran over $90.00, I think the total price was around $460.00 for both. I can pick store bought bias tape for around a $1.00 a pack when its on sale so I moved away from the counter lickety split. Then proceeded to loose my mind in all the new fabric that has come out since Christmas. I can justify the spending since I truly do use my fabric. I am not a hoarder (well not not much of one) But I had my heart set on a  way to get away from the cheesy bias tape and ribbon so many of my patterns call for. Then I remembered.....

There is a stand alone machine that will make bias tape, as an added bonus you can upgrade to the machine that will also make piping. Bingo!! Off I went to the big box store with a 40% off coupon in hand. They wouldn't take the coupon but did give me 10% off which helped a bit but it was still $110.00. It better be good for that price. If Mason man will be cooperative tomorrow I will give it a try. I blew threw my leftover money like it was going out of style but I have no regrets, can't wait to get busy cutting it all up!!

Do you ever save money faithfully then have a blow out now and then? 


  1. LOL, sound like you got "train wrecked" but enjoyed every moment of it. You are definitely "quilt" addicted, I am most positive now...lol. I can't wait to see the hexie quilt !

  2. could be worse, at least you did not spent the grocery or mortgage money :)

    I love your fabrics, so cute! I hope you get to play with the bias maker soon as I want to hear how it works.

    watcha gonna do with the seersucker? summer clothes maybe?

    have fun with your purchases

  3. Well we all need to go wild once in a while and the fabrics are just too gorgeous - can't wait to see what you make xx

  4. Sounds like a perfect way to spend your money!! :)! Can't wait to see your new creations!

  5. It's a strange looking gizmo but my money's on you for figuring it out! It feels great to spend a bit once in a while (she said guiltily!) and you make so many wonderful things for so many people that it's definitely worth it!

  6. Thanks ladies, the machine is headed back in the AM, it won't do what I had hoped it would. Ya me, money will be going back to our Christmas/vacation account!