Sunday, April 15, 2012

Weekend Happenings

 Look what I found at a garage sale this weekend for $60.00!! I can now say I have a mortgage free home. Only problem is I can't get my rump in it.
 Kara had fun setting on the front porch, ringing the door bell and playing with the mail slot. When she stepped in the house all we heard was "EWWWW",  this house has a dirt floor, Kara hates dirt. When things slow down I will see if I can find an outdoor rug for her.
 New dress for Karsyn with matching triple ruffle panties and two matching hair pretties. The sides are super cute. No side seams, just the ties to keep it closed, Karsyn loved trying on her new dress today!!
 Worked with the pattern a bit and made it reversible, 2 for the price of one.
 Got a little use from the embroidery machine working on Karsyn's ensemble. The flip flops, flower applique, and hair pretties were all done on the embroidery machine.
Since I was making more panties I went ahead and cut out 6 pairs. I hate cutting stuff out!!

Super Duper short post tonight!!! My tail is dragging after a long day around the house and hours in the garden getting some of the planting done. 35 tomato plants, 12 or was it 16 cabbage, lettuce (who's counting), squash, bell peppers, jalapeno peppers and a few packs of various seeds. I am dirty, hot and tired!!!!

Hope everyone had a great weekend!!!


  1. What an awesome find! I bet kiddos will have a blast playing with it. And the dress is just so adorable...I want one, and I don't even have any girls here:)

  2. They're going to have a bast with that! Awesome find!! :) LOVE the dress & ruffled panties!!

  3. What a fantastic find, Debby, they are going to have so much fun with it ! Love the 2 in 1 sundresses. Pouring rain here, I am afraid my Crabby guy will never have a day off when it is dry to turn our garden. I guess you are dragging yourself after a day like that!

  4. very cute granddaughter and pretty new clothes you sewed up. I love the triple ruffles.

    I hope I find a good deal on a similar playhouse this summer too. Yours is great.

  5. What a lucky little girl - she'll have loads of fun in that little house! And all that garden work will yield lots of goodness before you know it, right? Thanks for stopping my blog to comment, Debby!

  6. Oh I do love your sweet dresses xx

  7. the mortgage free home part!!! :)