Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Fiscal Fast Day 4

 I picked up this book awhile back, I never get tired of looking through it over and over again.
 Love this quilt! Someday I will get the nerve up to try it.
 Each page is full of eye candy.
 The pattern for these towels are from the book. Super quick and easy to put together.
This fabric is so fun, may have to pick up a little more for an apron or two when it goes on sale.

Fiscal fast day 4 was a winner, it's pretty easy to stay on track when I have the little ones around. I don't have the energy to load them up to take out if I don't have to!! Plus the fact we need nothing other than I am running low on eggs but we will make it until the end of the Fast.

I just love the book I have posted here tonight. I am beginning to think I have gotten so use to reading picture books with the grands that I am more drawn to adult picture books, or should I say adult sewing picture books!! Don't want to give anyone the wrong impression. Many of the quilt patterns in the book calls for rulers I don't have, but in time I hope to pick some of them up at the big box store with some 40% off coupons. I have enough fabric stash that I shouldn't need to buy anything other than the backing. The more I quilt the more I am realizing I love traditional style quilts with vintage fabrics.

Mason was a sleepy head today, when his big sister is not around I think he rests better knowing he won't be attacked in some way or another. I got busy doing some house work, laundry, paying bills and eventually making a couple of sets of towels for gifts. Then it was on to washing our sheets, seems someone fell asleep last night with what must have been dark chocolate candy bar crumbs. (looked like poop) Somebody needs to be a little more careful when nibbling on their late night snack.


  1. That book looks lovely and I do enjoy looking at all your quilts - I am going to have to try and do one xx

  2. Ahhh the "hexies" have your attention, don't they? You read Quilt books like I read Recipe books! keeping in mind they both do have lovely photos, lol

  3. The link is live! I do love those towels - how do you do the zig-zag edge? xxx

  4. Mrs Thrifty, the bottom is prairie points sewn into the seam

  5. I swear those crumbs weren't mine although I did manage to get some dark chocolate on the pants I was wearing yesterday lol!!
    Your package arrived safely yesterday Debby! Thank you so much - the coasters are even prettier in person :)

  6. The book looks great! I have a couple, but ALL the quilts look too hard for me!! haha!! I'll stick my smaller projects for now... i'll get there eventually though! I do love that kitchen fabric and the super cute napkins!!

  7. Congrats on another successful day on your fast Debby! You are doing GREAT!!

  8. Oh okay - so first question - what are prairie points? I am pretty sure we can't get them here in the UK because I have never heard of them. If you can buy them, I shall be getting a load when I come to Canada in June - or do you have to make them from scratch? xx