Wednesday, April 11, 2012


 We meet bright and early this morning to have the grands spring pictures taken. Notice that Karsyn is working on getting Kara's hair pretty out.
 The bird house quilt top is done, hard to see from this photo how cute the fabric is
Love the sweet border.

Thank goodness rotten days are few and far between!!

 Getting the grands group photo's taken this morning as well as their individuals was an active event to say the least. HA We treat the grands to photo's twice a year. Christmas and spring with new outfits for all. The Mommies can dress them in whatever they want for their individual pictures but for the group shot it's my pick (and my $$) The sweet photographer did her best to get the kiddo's to sit still and look at the camera, bless her heart. I finally convinced her if they are all in the photo it's good enough, we can't get the little girls to stand still for a minute. I am happy with what she got, the boys are looking very handsome, Kara is setting like a lady and Karsyn is herself, always up to something!!! Maybe I will share some of the bloopers later on.

I was able to finish off the birdhouse quilt top today after a quick trip to purchase more border fabric. Now on to the the sandwiching, pin basting and quilting. I would love to have this baby ready to wrap by the first of next week when the grands are all back full time. I have piles of fabric and patterns for the little girls dresses and such I want to get to very soon as well since summer is almost here. Everything is pre-washed. organized and ready, now to find the time.

We are having some great weather this week, it has finally cooled down enough to be able to sleep at night and no rain for a week. If our luck holds out we will be able to get the garden tilled Friday then the planting can begin. Hubby isn't going to have the time to build any new raised beds this week but next time home I will have all the supplies on hand so we can knock it out in record time. I have plenty to do as it is.


  1. It's a sweet pic! They're kids and it's SO HARD to get kids, especially young kids, so I agree with you, they all look cute & are in the pic, good enough! lol! Your birdhouse quilt is absolutely adorable!!

  2. But you only started this quilt the other day - do you have house elves? It is beautiful - as are your sweet grandchildren xx

  3. Wow, one day the birdhouse is sitting on your cutting board and the next it's all put together - how many cups of coffee do you have in the morning anyways??
    The picture is perfect! The kids are being themselves - I prefer candid to stiffly posed photos any day!

  4. Awesome picture of the Grands, Debby. I do love the birdhouse (the border is "special"). Can't wait to see the bloopers ! I am sure it will be another month or so, before it drys up around here to til the garden. Heavy frost this morning, but lots of Sun coming

  5. Ha Jane, no caffine for me, Drs orders just ants in my pants.

    Ms Thrifty, the quilt is only pieced not quilted yet so there is still work to be done!!

    Carla, if you were in the area I would so have you do the pictures, your work is GREAT

    North of Wiarton, good luck with getting your window cleaned, that was one ugly bug!!

  6. Love the quilt! I have a thing for birdhouses to it's right up my alley. The grands all look adorable!! We took a family pic at Easter with my husband's family and it was neat to see our two girls and their cousins all together in a picture. I love that you get two group pictures a year, we need to do something like that but we're lucky to manage 1 group picture every other year.