Monday, April 16, 2012

Money in the Bank

 We had a great time on the boat for many years but it was time for it to gooooo. A sweet young couple bought it Saturday morning. Yahoo, the money is in the bank!
 Hard to tell from this photo, tomatoes, cabbage, lettuce, garlic, yellow onions, strawberries, and herbs (that need to be divided). 
 Tropical dress for the little girls
 Love the back.
 And one in black. Val do you recognize this fabric? Leftovers from your Christmas purse.
Again with a sweet back.

I have driven by the lake a few times the past few days and thought I might miss the boat . Not a chance!! It had become one more thing for me to have to care for and pour money into. The boat slip rent was up to $1,800.00 a year, tax just over $500.00, insurance add an additional $200.00 not to mention gas for the day was well over $100.00 at last years prices. The big kids and Tyler are not real happy with us right now but they will recover! In our area we can rent a boat for around $250.00 a day, very doable compaired to what we were shelling out each year as owners. We have no regrets for purchasing the boat 5 years ago, our family has had some great times on it, lots of evenings out for hubby and I enjoying all the lakefront restaurants and such. We paid cash for the boat way back when, it's nice to get the money back in the bank with some depreciation of course but still a very fair price. I am so enjoying this simplifying our life!!!!

After Mason man and I did some running around this morning I got busy working on some pillow case dresses for the little girls. DD #1 wanted one in black for Karsyn without the ruffle and using a satin ribbon instead of grosgrain. I wasn't sure how it would turn out but in the end I really do like them. Less than $2.00 each using fabric in my stash (I have lots) and the purchase of the ribbon.

I really should be out working on the back garden getting a few more plants in before we have rain tomorrow but instead here I set wasting time on the PC. I am not too crazy about working outside at dusk right now, way to many snakes seem to be running around in yards lately. I am sure we have some as well.

One last thing Carla over at 1/2 dozen daily is hosting a fundraiser/giveaway check it out here
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  1. Your grands must be the best dressed girls around!! Love those sweet dresses!! Thanks for the shout out & your generous donation, Debby!! :)

  2. Ps - Congrats on the boat sale!! I think you made the right choice! :)

  3. Way to go on the sale of the boat, Debby ! I just adore the dresses you make for the little girls.

  4. Yay for selling the boat! Those dresses are so cute! I wish I knew a little girl that could sport one of those.

  5. I know the expense of having a boat. My ex and I had a sailboat. I never was really into sailing but he loved it enough for both of us. I do not miss it, at all.

  6. love the little dresses so cute. Very envious of your veggie patch, haven't even started on ours, much too cold yet.

    Gill in Casnada

  7. Those dresses are adorable!! I wish my MIL would make dresses for my girls like that. You are very talented!

    I am also in awe of your veggie patch. I would love to plant a garden like that but my dogs would eat it up, much like the two fruit trees that they devoured in a weeks time. If we really wanted a garden we'd have to fence it off from our dogs, and that would be quite costly. Instead I'll just admire your garden and get our fresh veggies from my MIL who has her own garden.

  8. Love your fabric choices and the sash on the back of the dresses - so sweet! Those sure are lucky little well-dressed girls!!

  9. you know they say the best two days in a mans/woman's life is when he/she buys a boat and when he/she sells it!!!!

    your garden is coming along nicely...keep us updated

    and your little ones dresses are lovely...really like the back bow on the black one....mama made all of our clothes too...

    we were thinking about vacationing this summer at an old fav...The Mill House Lodge in Flat Rock...every been there??

  10. Thanks ladies!!

    Lillian I do have much of the garden fenced with cheap hog wire, nothing fancy to keep the dog and grand out. Help a lot

    Kathryn, We have traveled around the flat rock area quite a bit, very pretty country but we haven't stayed overnight much. We are close enough that we can do day trips on the parkway. I would rather head for the mts in the summer than the beach any day, who needs the heat!! HA