Monday, April 30, 2012

Blog Candy Winners

 Here is the free fabric I picked up over the weekend using my $20.00 rewards coupon.
 I decided to do a super clean on our coffee maker last week, all was going well until I got to the underside where the coffee drains into the pot. Holy cow its a wonder I haven't killed someone, talk about nasty!!!! Hubby happened to call while I was working my magic and suggested we spring for a new one. I sooo had to agree. I can't believe the price of coffee makers, some were well over $300.00, no way no how! I went with this one, regular price $69.99 on sale for $48.99, not to bad. I also had a 20% off coupon so the price dropped even more, along with $10.00 Kohl's cash I walked out the door with a $69.99 coffee maker for only $30.19 but the savings didn't stop there!! I picked up a pair of jeans for myself (a post of it's own) so I reviced an additional $10.00 in Kohl's cash. Not done yet, when the receipt printed out there is a $10.00 rebate on the coffee maker. Confused yet?? Once the rebate comes in I basically got the coffee maker for $20.00. That's spending that I can live with.
 On to Staples to cash in my rewards dollars. Two ink cartridges for the grand total of $0.94. 
CVS was the last stop, again to use rewards dollars that were going to expire. Rice A Roni was on sale 10/$10.00, Doves dark chocolate 2/$6.00, total spent $0.72

Yesterday was my running around day cashing in on rewards dollars and coupons. I hate doing things like this on Sunday but I knew my back couldn't hold up to lugging that car seat in and out of the car and buggies. By the end of the day I was done in. I am trying very hard to give my back a break so I can hold up  with the little ones this week. It is going to be a very, very, VERY long week.

On to the winners of the snap bags!! First off thanks to all of you who have shared your ideas with the rest of us. A big TOAST to everyone who is determined to enjoy the extras with no debt!!!!

Lena will be receiving the vacation snap bag, send me your address so I can get it in the mail Saturday!! Check out her blog here

Janette will receive the Christmas snap bag, send me your address to I can get it off to you.
Check out her blog here


  1. Awesome deals!!! Especiallyon the coffee maker! :) I love finding awesome deals like that!

  2. Congrats to the winners - sure they will be thrilled with their lovely prizes xx

  3. Great finds! Chocolate for that cheap, and you have my undivided attention!

    Congrats to the winners!

  4. Debby, what fantastic savings especially after coming off a week long Fiscal Fast. Congrats to Lena & Janette on their win of your wonderful creations. Puppy enroute via, sorry training is on your plate.

  5. You won the savings contest this week.
    I am glad I won the Christmas snap bag contest! YIPPPEEE!


  6. Wohoo! Thank you so much!!

  7. You are quite the spendthrift I must say! :) Shopping and shopping, spending and spending! Where will it all end? With bill totals like those I guess you can shop all you want!! What awesome deals!