Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Play it Forward

 This morning Carla had this post about playing it forward handmade, how could I pass on this!!! See the rules below to get in on some fun. Be one of  the first 3 to post on my blog that you want to play along. Copy and paste the following. Thanks CARLA for passing this on!!!

This morning when I opened my email I had a post from the lovely Cassie sitting in my inbox and she was offering up a PIF (Pay it Forward) of a handmade item to anyone who was willing to play along by her rules... she found it through the ever awesome Mutant Supermodel, and well, I'm going to jump on the bandwagon & play along too!!
Now before you post & decide to jump on the bandwagon as well, you have to follow these simple rules!
1. I will send a little "something special" to the first 3 people who comment (nicely) on my blog. (It's supposed to be sent within 365 days, but I will do this within the next month. I don't like to have projects sitting around for a long time)
2. You must play along. You'll need to post the PIF button on your blog and promising to send a handmade gift to the first 3 people who comment on your blog as well.
3. You must have a blog & it must be regularly updated. I need to be able to stalk read all about you and figure out a gift that you'd like to receive!
4. You must link me up AND have your handmade PIF post on your blog within 48 hours. After you've done that, come back, link me up to your post and i'll confirm that you're my 'top 3'!
 Want to know what my mornings look like? The counters are a mess of all things baby including a counter top baby swing for when I need to get Mason man out of the line of fire. The only thing missing is Kara who returned home tonight. Can't wait to get my arms around that gal.
 I spend lots of time plucking Karsyn from various things she climbs on. Here she has decided Mason's exersaucer is built for two, NOT!!!!
 Climbing around in her kitchen.
Kara is going to have a hissy fit when she sees how Karsyn is acting in the kitchen.

It was a longgggg day around the house but NO SPENDING went on Fiscal fast day 3 was a sucsess. The majority of the day was spent keeping up with Karsyn, it has been too cold and windy outside to take Mason out so she has been getting into anything and everything. DD#3 is back from vacation, YAAA, she will have the little girls tomorrow so I can have a break, just me and Mason man.

After the little ones left today I drug myself to the couch for a much needed rest then it was on to cutting out a few projects I would like to get in the mail Saturday. Hope I can get a start on some things tomorrow since I will only have Mason, once the garden gets going I will be up to my eyeballs in weeds, canning and dehydrating gotta sew while I still have the extra time.

Looking forward to see who will join in with the "Play it Forward Handmade" Like Carla I will be getting my homemade gifts in the mail NO LATER than the end of May!!


  1. Thanks again, Debby for the Coasters & the wonderful card! Sorry I can't seem to fit one of those Checkerboard Aussie pups into an envelope for you. Come on up, I am sure I could use the help in 2 more weeks, but then again it looks like you have your hands full enough with the Grands ... lol.

  2. we had a liitle Karsyn when dd was growing up, I always thought she would grow up to be either a mountain climber or a lawyer, she could argue her way out of anything!!!


  3. Oh I would love to join in .... I love the idea of paying it forward and have blogged about it and I love the idea of making someone's day by doing something nice and surprising them. I was just too late to join Carla's. I have made another little dress which was so much more straightforward than the last - will post it later xxx

  4. Ms, Thrifty I still have 3 openings no one has joined in yet!!

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  6. Great Rhonda, should be fun!!

  7. Yes please, count me in - I'll post tomorrow xxx

  8. Debby, I don't know how you do it!! I guess you don't want another kid for the PIF huh?! ;) haha!!! Thanks for posting! I need to think long & hard on what to make you!!! I want it to be special! But i'm excited to create something just for you!!

  9. Aww, thanks Carla, looking forward to playing along!!

  10. You are such a good grannY!! Those two are so precious but I think keep you very busy...rest up, and you will be ready to go some more...

  11. The snapshots are great and he is so cute. Kids like swings very much.In my opinion they like to play very much but in this age they like swinging.
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  12. Debby, you better take me off the list. I am just so scattered and busy, I can't even find time to blog about this- let alone host, make gifts and get them mailed off. I hope you will forgive me.

    Your prolific quilting is just amazing!