Friday, April 27, 2012

Fiscal Fast Day 6

 I joined a block of the month club at a local quilt shop this month. We will end up with 12 blocks when all is said and done. Seemed like a good idea at the time, however..... All you get each month is the sandwich bag of fabric along with a set of instructions that are crazy ridiculous confusing to read.
 I couldn't figure out how with this little strip 2 1/2 inch red and white fabric you could end up with a large quilt. The quilt on display had different fabric for each square, whats up with that? Ahhh, you need to purchase the 3 in "Thangels" paper to do the outer block along with the extra fabric. I did buy the pack of "Thangels but I will be using leftovers from some of the "Quilts of Valor" I have made.
 So here is the deal with the "Thangles". You lay the fabric out with right sides together then pin the "Thangles" on. Next sew along the dotted lines.
 You then cut on the solid lines. (First cut.)
 (Second cut.) Now carefully remove all the paper. Ya right!! with each piece of paper I removed it pulled out stitches or distorted the stitches. grrrr
 Crap, photo loaded side way's. Anyway once sewn together you get a crappy 6 1/2 x 6 1/2 block, that is all lumpy and bumpy.
Next use the same method to do the outer block (is that what it's called?) The outer block came together a little better, maybe because the fabric was bigger and could handle all the tearing away of paper.

What a pain in the rump this quilt is going to be!!! The good thing is it's only a "buck a Block" each month, however it is a 30 minute drive and of course you have to go inside the store to show your finished block before you can pick up the next block. Times like these is when I need a drive through window at the quilt store, show my block give them a buck and I am outta there!!! I have decided to make the trip tomorrow, so I will be spending a dollar on my last day of the Fiscal Fast for a week challenge.

I could wait until Monday which is the last day of the month but that means I would have to drag Mason man along. I hate having the Grands in the car running around if I don't have to especially on a main corridor interstate. I am also afraid if I go in on Monday after the Fiscal Fast challenge is over I may lose my mind and spend!!!!

Another thing on my to do is getting a package in the mail in the morning, it's just to hard to heard all the grands into the post office. I want this package to get to its recipient ASAP. If I can finish the day with spending less than $5.00 then I will still consider the Fiscal Fast a success!

In celebration of a pretty good Fiscal Fast I have some blog candy to give away, maybe tomorrow but by Sunday for sure so stay tuned. Nothing big, but a great excuse to use up a few more scraps and share the love!!


  1. That does look a little difficult! What a pain! I'm not so great with tiny blocks, definitely need practice! lol! Hope the rest of your blocks are easier!!

  2. Thank you Debbie - it is 6.25am here and you have started my day with a belly laugh. All that fiddling - now I know why I have never quilted! I see your finished quilts though and I know that I will have to have a go, sooner or later... Well done on the fiscal fast - I must try it - you did so well. I love the idea of the fabric drive-through!!! xxx

  3. Looks fiddly to me (but nice), I can just about manage squares!

  4. What a pain in the arse this block of the month has turned out to be for you! Yes, a quilting store drive-thru would be perfect for you, Debby, look at all the money you would save? LOL ... great restrain on your Fiscal Fast challenge!

  5. Looking good so far Debby! If anyone can do it you can!