Friday, April 13, 2012

One is better than none

 Still need to add button holes and buttons to this dress but it will have to wait until tomorrow.
 I changed the pattern up a bit so the dress could be reversible. No need to waste cute lining fabric.
 Added a double ruffle to the rump of the panties. This may be my new go to pattern for fancy pants. I had a heck of a time getting Kara to model the dress for a picture. I finally gave up and took a shot while she was in the kitchen, their new favorite place to hang out!!
 Kara was happy with the dress. The little girls do love some ruffles!!
If you look closely you can see why I need a good pattern for fancy pants. The little girls won't leave their diapers on now when we put them down for a nap unless we have pants on them!! Got this shot from the french doors going into the grands room when I heard Kara jabbering after her nap. We also have to move the crib into the middle of the room or they try and escape out of the window. Life is never dull with the little girls around, boys are so much easier!!!!

Finally an almost finished dress!! I haven't used my new machine for button hole making yet, so it will have to wait until I have the time to watch a few u-tube videos and read over the manual. That won't happen when I have the grands around for sure!!! I also need to try this dress on Karsyn before I make one for her. Karsyn is a full figure gal, tank might be a better word to describe her!! Ha

This dress would have been super easy if I hadn't decided to make it reversible. Then I had the bright idea that it needed a ruffle which also needed to be reversible.  I may run the ruffle up the back to the shoulders next time. I had tried ruffles around the entire dress with REAL bad results (lots of time with the seam ripper). Now that the dress is done and I know what the heck I am doing (I think) I plan on doing some machine embroidery work on the front of the next one, the pockets are OK but an applique might be sweet and I still need to justify the purchase of the embroidery machine!
Total cost for the dress and panties was $13.95 the cost of the pattern. There are 3 different dress patterns in the set so the price wasn't so bad after all. All the fabric was from my fabric stash of leftovers, love using stuff up (making room for more)

Off  to dinner out with the family for DD # 3 Birthday. She has decided Friday the 13th Birthday's are not so great. Hopefully we can make her feel better tonight.

Welcome to all the new followers!!! Glad to have you hanging out with us!


  1. just adorable...your sweet little one AND her pretty dress and panties... you must be having such fun making those...
    also really like your new bird house quilt and the border is perfect!!

  2. Soooo sweet, Debby! Love the fabric combo! You're so wonderfully talented!! :)

    I received the envie of wonderful fabric today!! Thanks SO MUCH, posted more on my blog!

    Enjoy your dinner! :)

  3. Oh, how darling!! I love love love these ruffles!

  4. Thanks ladies, I can't wait to try the next pattern, little girls are a lot of trouble but fun to dress up!!

  5. What a gorgeous little dress! You are very clever. I'm hopeless at sewing! :)

  6. Debby the ruffles are awesome & reversible, ingenious ! Oh so love the pictures of the Grands in their state of dress, lol & undress ! Too cute. *Sigh* I do wish I had a grand girl, but still I do love the grand boys to death !

  7. What a beautiful dress and an amazing style. Very pretty.
    Love from Mum

  8. What an adorable dress! Love clothing that is reversible. You are really inspiring me to dig out my sewing machine from the back of my linen closet!

  9. These are just toooo sweet. What a talented lady you are. I have been making a couple of little pinnies but there's something not right and I have unpicked seams three times grrrrr xxx