Monday, April 23, 2012

Fiscal Fast Blooper

 Shes a beauty. Mine all mine!!
 Strawberry Fields is my favorite right now.
We have a cold north wind blowing today. Hard to see the back, but it is so sweet.
 More strawberries on the binding
All wrinkled and crinkled fresh from the dryer.

Early post tonight so I can go slip on my winter PJ's and cuddle up in my new quilt with a good book. I don't know where this cold weather came from but I am loving it, except that I had to turn the heat on this morning for a bit. It was 60 degrees in the house, I am fine with that temperature but it's to cold for the grands.

Here is the fiscal update from Sunday and today. NO SPENDING!!! But almost spent yesterday morning. A friend that I haven't seen in ages was in town for a change, she travels the world constantly so it is rare that she is even in the county let lone her home. I saw a post on facebook that she was at home waiting for her lost luggage to catch up with her. I quickly invited her to an early morning breakfast before she could make any plans. On the way to the restaurant I remembered it was my first day of the Fiscal fast, crapola!! Think fast, should I cheat and not share in the blog or should I start out the first day as a loser? AHHHH, gift cards!! I have a nice stash of gift cards in my wallet I can use. 

After the meal my buddy insisted on picking up the bill, no way, we go dutch, I have a gift card. I explained to her it was my first day of a week long spending fast so I needed to be honest and use the GC. She had already paid. She went on to ask me how the heck do you go a week without spending? Easy peasy, just invite friends to a meal and have them pick up the bill!! We both got a good laugh out of that. Thanks for a free meal and great company PT.

Today was keeping up with Karsyn and Mason most of the day. I did get my block finished for a block of the month I am in at our quilting shop but I am too aggravated with it to show tonight. Hope I fell better about it tomorrow but for now not so much.

Carla over at 1/2 Dozen daily is hosting a Sister Swap, check it out if you would like to get in, should be fun!!


  1. LOVE "your" Strawberry Quilt ! I need a few friends like yours, so I can eat out, by still having a Spending Fast ...LOL

  2. It's GORGEOUS!!! Soo beautiful! One day I'll make one for myself too, but need to get better first! Yay for GC's!! lol!

  3. What a great spring quilt!! I love strawberries so I could totally see myself picking out that same fabric that you used. If only I knew how to sew.

    WTG on sticking to your no spending challenge!! I have a stash of gift cards too that come in handy from time to time. =)

  4. I still don't know how you just seem to whip them out of the bag! Incredible and this ones is gorgeous too xx

  5. Ooooh, I LOVE the red backing on the quilt, love love love it!

  6. Hi there. Love your blog!!! Nice quilts!

  7. Oh, man, lucky you!! Now I know how you are doing on this fast...I need to find me some friends too! :)!