Friday, April 20, 2012

AJ the beagle

 AJ was a Christmas gift to my hubby 5 years ago.
 We had lost all of our Labs except one to old age and Daisy wasn't long for this world. I knew how much hubby needed a new pal. 
 Tyler and AJ were born within a few days of each other. They have been good sharers of Papaw's attention from day one.
 They learned to play nicely together at an early age. Oops somebody is missing pants.
 She was into something all of the time as a puppy.
 And has always been a good eater, even if I was not too crazy about her table manners.
 Even at 5 she still has her day's, like when she sets in the window boxes peeking in at me.
 Or decides to climb the attic steps to see what's hidden up there.
 We haven't broken her of the habit of stealing pacifiers yet, and maybe never will. The grands love giving them to her so its a helpless cause.
No matter what she's our sweet little hound dog.

The grands are all sleeping!!!! I have had time for a shower, gotten lunch put together that is on the stove waiting to be gobbled up, and I still have time to catch up on a little blogging. It's a very good day!

I am in a RANTING mood today, I could have posted how disgusted I am with some peoples views but decided to focus on the positive instead. That doesn't mean I won't be sharing my rant soon, I just need to cool down a bit before I go over the top!

AJ the beagle seemed like a nice safe subject for a post today. AJ is a girl with a boy name. When I bought her the breeder had already named her Amber, cute name but wasn't going to work for us since DD#2 is named Amber. Rather than change DD#2 name we tried to come up with something different. DD#2 loved that AJ and she had the same name but it didn't work for the rest of us so we renamed her Amber Junior, AJ for short. She is a mess some days but we love her to death!!!

I went to bed early last night due to my bad mood with a book. I have been meaning to read for a very long time, UGH it was so good I didn't put it down until 2:00AM. DUH, what the heck was I thinking!!! I may or may not do a evening post. The late night very well may catch up to me this afternoon.


  1. Well now I am curious about your rant on "others views".....LOL

    Love the post about AJ though, what a sweetheart of a hound!

  2. Awww...AJ is a sweetheart. I just love the pictures of her and Tyler together. Darling. I hope, everything is OK with you and nobody offended you!

  3. Love the AJ post. She is such a sweetie ! Yes, also curious about your "rants" !

  4. AJ is adorable..LOVE this post Debby!

    Glad you were able to get some reading done...even if you did stay up a bit late...

    Other's views?? Do tell....

  5. Rant is now off my chest but not my heart, some people just stink!

  6. AJ is such a sweet doggie - I've always been drawn to beagles. As to your rant - sometimes NOT giving people attention is the best way to go. Ignore and forget. They're so not worth it.