Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Sunshine Award

Jane over at   http://lifebeginsatretirement.blogspot.com/ Gave me this award yesterday!! Thanks so much Jane, if you haven't visited her blog you need to check it out!

I need to share answers to the following questions, here goes

1.)  What is your favourite color? I think maybe soft greens, I seem to be attracted to that color with everything I buy.

2.) What is your favourite animal? That's pretty easy as well,dogs, however I love all animals, I just wouldn't want to share my house with them.

3.) What is your favourite number? My favorite number is 75. I love 75% off sales. When I am trying to put back a little cash I always feel like I am getting closer when I hit the $75.00 mark. If I can get out of Wally world or Target spending less than $75.00 I feel good.

4.) What is your favourite non-alcoholic drink? Water!!! I drink a ton of water, next best thing is tea, hot or cold. Lemon aid is another favorite. I can't have caffeine so I am a little limited in beverages.

5.) Which do you prefer - Facebook or Twitter? Don't know what the heck twitter is. I do have a FB account but I don't hang out on FB much. People seem to post the most intimate things on FB for all to see, I just don't get it. However I do love sharing photo's with friends and family on FB. It's a great way to keep up with all my friends and the new additions to their families.

6.) What is your passion? Our family, nothing else matters 

7.) Do you prefer giving or receiving presents? I LOVE to give!!!! Giving gifts or helping out charities are what float my boat! receiving is nice but giving is better.

8.) What's your favourite pattern? This is a hard one!!! I love all patterns, if you could see my fabric/scrapbook stash you would understand!! The one pattern I don't like is tie dye (is that a pattern?)

9.) What is your favourite day of the week? Sunday.....It's a day of rest, time with family, excitement of a new week ahead.

10.) What is your favourite flower? Old fashion daisies are the best. Nothing fancy, plain, simple, and sweet.

Next I need to pass this award on to others, I will hold off on that until tomorrow. I need to get my old self to the bed, 6:00AM will be here soon.


  1. Love reading these! Love your answers! :) Very true to yourself!

  2. I agree with Carla - your answers seem so YOU!! I like daisies too - they grow wild on our property out eat. They bloom for a long time and look so cheerful bobbing in the breeze.

  3. Love this post, as all your posts, Debby ! Family is the most important.

  4. I can't think of anyone better who brings in sunshine! :)!

    I have to say, I've never liked Sunday because I always knew the next day was school or work...strange...I should have enjoyed it more all of these years!