Friday, April 20, 2012

What a World

A week or two ago I shared how much I enjoyed this book. It won't win a Pulitzer prize or anything but its a very sweet and inspiring story of this young mans life and journey to the NFL while keeping God first and foremost in his life. Being an Alabama fan we had no choice but to follow this fella during his college years, his faith and abilities we admired, we just hoped he would have an off game when he played Bama!!

While talking with friends after finishing this book I shared how much I liked it and have been appalled at the reaction I have heard. What is it about Christians that people think they can say the most insulting disgusting things about and to. The first time or two I was surprised but kindly stated my point that there are still good people in this world, not everyone is rotten and here is a good kid!

Here are a few of the things I have heard that has put me in a mood that I have been having a hard time shaking.

Ya he likes working with kids because he is a child molester.
He is still a virgin, ya right he is as gay as they come, that's why he is a virgin
Home schooled, another misfit freak
Great marketing tool he has going for him
Like God gives a s... about football

It seems to me immoral acts are the new norm in society, good people who try and do right are now considered the oddity. What happened to old fashion politeness? If the book or subject is something your not interested in use to be you just smiled and thanked them for sharing the info. Not today. Today people say the most hateful, spiteful things that come in their mind.

Each time I have defend this young mans athletic ability as well as his strong faith.I try to explain in a nice way that we all make mistakes in life and this kid may very well make some but for now, today he has a great message. One of the super cool things about being a Christian is God expects us to make mistakes and is ready and willing to forgive us. Seems as if not many people believe in good these days, they are so tainted by what they see in the media that they think that's the real world. I have been so close to losing my cool with some people. What I want to say is..........pretty ugly. Do I not share with others that I think this is an uplifting book for fear of what they might say? Here lately I have shared my feelings over the book more and more, is it because I want to see what people are really like in my circle of friends and acquaintances? I really don't know. But I do know the whole situation makes me sad and a whole lot angry.

That's my rant and your welcome to it!! I am going to have some chocolate cake and ice cream in bed with another good book that is sure to hack a few more folks off.


  1. I get the impression that some think he's "fake"... I think it's about time there's a REAL role model for kids, and everyone really! I so want to read this book, Tebow impresses me to no end! :) Loved this post, Debby!

  2. I try not to judge others - we never know their whole story. The chocolate cake and ice cream sounds good - on my way xx

  3. And why are these so called people throwing stones, judging, assuming ? Are their own lives so perfect that they may do so? Shame, shame, and rightly so to "rant" Debby ! I do love me some chocolate cake & ice cream, it has been some time since I had any.

  4. I is sad that Christians (and the message) are targeted. Many on our country have come full circle. Evil has always been in the world, but not all people are evil.

  5. Yep, there are people who don't believe in good...

    I felt the same way about the attacks on Sarah Palin. Very cruel, and unfounded.