Thursday, April 5, 2012

Hump Day

 Our "Lady Banks Rose" is in full bloom.
 I love this bush, and no thorns to deal with.
 The garlic is coming along, I think. At least its still green so that might be a good sign.
 Remember that cute farm fabric from Monday? This is the first set of tea towels I made with it.
I changed things up a bit on the second set of towels. I think the contrasting red fabric works better.

Mason and I had a pretty quite day. While he napped this morning I got busy on some tea towels and another project using the farm fabric from Mondays shopping spree. Unfortunately I made an error in cutting on the other project (stupid pattern) but didn't know that until I began sewing. I am trying to use it up as I go whenever possible so when I finished cutting out this morning I cut the leftovers into 5x5 charm pieces. Dumb mistake!! I now need to buy 1/4 yard more fabric to finish up with. 

I also attempted to figure out my new bias machine from the 26 page manual (give me a break) It will be going back to the store for a full refund in the morning!! It will only do a single fold tape which is no help to me. Then its on to the bank to deposit that refund money  into our Christmas/Vacation account before I get any more wild hairs up my rump to spend $$!!! 

I have another free day tomorrow since DD#1 In laws are in for the Easter holiday they want to have the kiddo's for the next 2 days. Friday will be Kara and I all alone. Next week is a BIGGIE for me. Its Easter vacation for teachers so I will have a full week off. Hubby is headed back home from up north so we hope to get busy on the garden, it was too wet to work on his last trip home. We are sooo far behind the game this year but we can only do what we can when we can.

After the running around in the morning I MUST start cleaning. I have threads, fuzz, and lint all over the downstairs. I know fiber in our diet is a good thing but I am thinking fabric fiber is not what the Surgeon General has in mind.


  1. The rose bush is beautiful - isn't it great when things start to bloom - winter finally on its way out! I just love the towels - you didn't waste any time using your new fabric! I had to chuckle about the machine going back - sounds very complicated. xx

  2. It is like Summer at your place, Debby, with the roses in full bloom! Um the vacation fund gets the money after, and really Debby, a day off? I am sure it will not be, as there is no such thing in a woman's agenda, is there? Oh man and thanks for the dreaded reminder, I have to do the Crabby Cabbie books for the whole of March...*sigh*

  3. that farm fabric is ADORABLE!!!!

  4. Look at this rose bush! Amazing. And I love your new towels.

  5. I want one of those bushes in my yard!! :)

  6. Thanks ladies!! I so love the "Lady Banks Rose" bush. I don't think it is in the rose family at all, more of a flowering bush. We cut it back last year to the ground because it was getting shaggy looking and was covering our second story bedroom window!