Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Cold Rainy Day

 Yesterday morning Mason and I got these little dresses in the mail for big sister, little sister and Bitty Baby doll.
 Couldn't leave their sweet Mama out so she is receiving matching kitchen towels for cleaning up after her sweet little girls.
 Spent some time this afternoon matching up 1/8th quarters to make a tube quilt. (my first)
Gonna cuddle up on the couch with AJ the beagle and a warm quilt tonight and enjoy this book I haven't taken the time to read in a long time. Crappy photo, sorry

Finally a cold rainy day!!! LOVE IT, seems crazy I know but we had such a mild winter getting this cold front and some rain is a welcome change to the summer temperatures we have been having. Perfect evening for a good cookbook, hot tea and snuggling with AJ the beagle who is very put out that her Daddy is once again on the road.

Yesterday my sister and I worked on pillow case dresses. She hasn't sewn for years but seemed to enjoy the process once she got started. Can't wait to see a photo of her Grand in her new tropical dress. Her grand Blakely was born 2 days after our Kara, we had a bunch of little girls join the family a year and a half ago!! I forgot how fun it was to sew for little girls, our youngest is 29, it's been a long time. Buttons, bows, and ruffles, OH MY. I have 3 dresses I started today for our girls and a friends grand, just need to add the ruffles and they are good to go. It might not happen tonight as the cold rainy day is calling me to just be for a night.

For a change of pace this afternoon I matched up some 1/8 quarters to begin a tube quilt. The pattern seems easy enough but I needed a "Strip Tube Ruler". Since the fabric store called yesterday to tell me a pattern I had ordered was in it was the perfect opportunity to pick up both. (saving on my gas budget) I need to STOP the spending!!! However in my defense I have whipped out 4 dresses each for the little girls without spending a dime on fabric. The new pattern is for a purse for who else but, the little girls, so cute and ruffly. It comes in 4 sizes so I might just do a little blog candy next week for an adult spring purse. I am so into this stash busting mood!!!!

On to passing along the Sunshine award!!!!

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Debbie has the most amazing creations, she has me beginning to really like the color red, best of all she has a ESTY store you can shop from with great prices!!

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  1. have we seen a photo of AJ? I don't remember seeing your doggy?


  2. Thanks for the Sunshine Award, Debby. I am greatly honored. More sweet little girls dresses ... I so want me one, and in the human form, not the "puppy" form, Ha ! Hope you & AJ enjoy the cuddling and the book. The book looks like something I would be most interested in. xxx

  3. I thank you for the Sunshine Award. I'm glad you like to visit my blog.
    I undertand your liking a cold rainy day, sometimes I feel the same way.

  4. Aww thank you so much - I feel very honoured. I simply can't believe you have just made another 3 dresses! How do you do it? I started a couple of similar pinafore dresses a couple of weeks ago and have had to rip the bodice seam apart 4 times!!!! I never usually struggle like this - am wondering if there is a fault with the pattern and as a bit of a perfectionist I can't just bodge it. If you were my neighbour I could pop in and ask for help. xxx

  5. Oh they are SOOO SWEET! I absolutely LOVE that fabric, Debby! I bought a small FQ bundle of them.. for now i'm hoarding them. lol!!!

  6. That fabric is just too cute!! You must have the cutest dressed grand kids in town! They are lucky to have you to make them so many cute clothes, and to babysit them as much as you do. =)

  7. You buy the most interesting things - a strip tube ruler? Sounds kind of naughty!

  8. Ha, Jane now that I read it again it does sound a bit naughty