Friday, April 6, 2012

Blog Candy

1 and a 1/2 set of spring coasters

After a day of chasing Kara around as well as getting the downstairs cleaned, even the kitchen windows  (I know, an over achiever, Ha) I was in the mood to do a little something fun.

While waiting for the quilt name tags, (or is it labels) to finish stitching out I dug around in my scraps for something springish to do as blog candy. I ran out of thread on the second set so it's off to the big box store in the morning for me, then I can finish up the second set. The photo is not so great as once again I am taking it after the sun has gone down and I haven't even cut away the stabilizer, but trust me they really are cute. Maybe tomorrow I will have time to get a better picture of them, if so I will post it in the morning.
 Here's what to do for a chance at a set (2 to a set).

Leave a comment between now and Monday night of which set is your favorite. I will do the drawing Tuesday morning and post the winners. Easy peasy!! 

Have a Happy Easter everyone!!!


  1. Oh, these are SO CUTE!!! I absolutely love both of these sets!

  2. Oh these are soooo pretty and I can't even work out how you have done them. You are clever! You make it look so easy! xx

  3. Ah, Mrs Thrifty I used my fancy embroidery machine. Once I get it set up and the fabric picked out it's nothing more than hitting a button.

  4. Debby they are all too cute to make a choice, however the ones without the purple I think I love the most (only because I am not the biggest colour purple fan). Happy day to you !

  5. I LOVE purple so I like the purple set the best. They are so cute - however do you make them???
    Sewing machines have really progressed since I used one on a regular basis. I'm going to have to update myself one of these days!