Saturday, April 28, 2012

Fiscal Fast is DONE!!

 This 6 1/2 X 6 1/2 snap bag would be a nice addition to a beach bag or a place to stash your cash for vacation this year.
 Maybe a Christmas Snap bag would be more to your liking also 6 1/2 X 6 1/2.
Tyler got to touch the ball for the first time tonight, see it rolling into his little glove!! Big night around our house. HA

My Fiscal Fast for the week is done. It wasn't really a stretch at all, we needed nothing, ran out of nothing (very low on eggs), and thankfully Murphy stayed away!! The only spending was today at the post office and fabric store for my monthly block, grand total of $6.25. I declare it a successful week. I also made a run to another fabric store to cash in a $20.00 store coupon that was to expire on Monday, ZERO cash out of my pocket, I was careful to stay under the $20.00 freebie I had.

My weekly spending budget of $200.00 was transferred over to our Christmas/Vacation account tonight. Gotta love that!

 How about we celebrate with a give away of the two snap bags shown above. A total of two winners, which one would you want if you win. Leave a comment on how your family is saving for Christmas or Vacation this year. Do you have a separate account to stash the cash, maybe a vacation jar you are filling up, using your coupon savings to cover it all? Share with the rest of us how you are planning and saving, we can all use a few new idea's to cover the extras!! I will leave this open until Monday night then announce the winners.

Off to bed with a rice bag I warmed up in the microwave. lugging our chunky butt grands around yesterday pulled something in my lower back, I have 24 more hours to loosen it up before they invade the house again.


  1. Those are very good questions. I had a plan in place but my dh just lost his job. So I think saving for Christmas will be a slow and minimal thing this year. As for a vacation, we've not had one for many years and I don't foresee that this year (smile). You gotta do what you gotta do!

    I found your blog through Rhonda. I'd love to be entered for the Christmas pouch. Thank you.

    P.S. Love your idea of a fiscal fast - I'm going to do my own here too. :)

  2. Woohoo!! Good job on your fiscal fast!! :) Love the bags, Debby! I'm saving for Christmas out of hubby's weekly chqs... $30/week automatically gets transferred each week into our Christmas savings account.. By the time Christmas rolls around we should be set! :)

  3. We are saving for Christmas in one of our ING sub-accounts. We put away $20 a months. And also when I make extra money from surveys or secret shopping, it goes towards Christmas. As for vacation, we saved from tax return this year, and it's already all spoken for :) Vacation time is all planned for us :)

  4. $20 a month :) And congratulations on saving $200. It definitely nicely boosted your savings.

  5. Well done with the fiscal fast. I have said it before, but I'll say it again - I don't know how you fit it all in. Instead of saving for Christmas, I make a list straight after New Year and work out what I will buy/make for everyone. I then buy things as I see them on sale and start making straight away. Two of our boys are born on Boxing Day and so the year #2 was born I got really organised during the summer and I found it worked so well for me that I now do that every year. I hate crowds and the shops at Christmas are my idea of hell. I start planning for food and drink in the summer too and start buying stuff and putting it away. The only exception is our own children because I am never sure what they will want - because they range in age from 24 to 17, we have latterly given them money as their preference. This year I have some other idea. As #2 and Beautiful Girlfriend have moved into their own house, I have bought them a couple of white towel bales and embroidered the edges in red. #4 wants a towelling robe so am going to buy one and monogram it. I don't work well under pressure so I try to be on top of things. xxx

  6. I save a little in my ing account and put £2.00 coins in my piggy bank. Please enter me into your giveaway I don't mind which both are lovely.

  7. Congrats on the end of your Fiscal Week & the $200 savings, Debby ! With the "loose change" rolled and scrap Rob had picked up last week, we added another $300 to our some day(year) Vacation Fund. Christmas Shopping I do all year as I come across things, my Bedroom closet has a few stashes already. Love the bags too, Debby ! very nice.

  8. I do have a vintage crock into which I toss my loose change; don't have a big savings plan under way at this time.
    Those snap bags are just so nice!

  9. We started ourChristmas account saving many years ago it has worked out well. We not only save for our children's Presents, bup also help whoever is traveling for Chirstmas with the family that year. Saving for birthdays comes out of the monthly pension as well.
    Change (which doesn't happen as often since neither of us work full time) goes into a can for wood. My husband is constantly making things for our money goes to dinner out:) fund.
    Life is good! Your snap bags are dealing.

  10. I remember my son playing Little League baseball! Sweet memories!
    Unfortunately, no vaca plans - in fact, I'm in trouble for overspending! :-( So I don't any helpful hints other than DON'T overspend! Lovely little bags - I love the lighthouse one!

  11. Usually I save $100/month towards Christmas but since I just used all of my $$ to pay off my line of credit I'll be replenishing this fund over the next couple of months.
    Hope the warm rice bag helps your back!! I've rediscovered my hot water bottle this past winter - I absolutely love it! No more frozen toes for me!