Thursday, April 5, 2012

Birthday Quilt Complete

 Remember this box of minky strips?
 They have now been pieced and quilted for DD # 3 Birthday quilt.
 Up close look. We have had off and on rain all day so I couldn't get a shot with the sun out, the green is off in this photo.
 Finally cleared off the kitchen table of all things sewing. Easter decorations are up and looking festive.
All 13 Easter baskets are filled, tagged, and ready to hide on Easter Day.

I wish I could say the house is all cleaned, Easter dinner has been organized, and I am setting with my feet up sipping a cup of tea. The reality is I am chugging water as I am working on our Easter menu, then it's into the pantry to see what I might need to pick up from the store tomorrow.

I did get the upstairs as clean as it needs to be, the living room and grands room is in good shape. I haven't even started in the powder room, family room, and kitchen (the real problem area's). I have vacuumed the downstairs 2 times today and still am finding dust bunnies from finishing DD # 3's Birthday quilt. When I do the next minky quilt I plan on setting the machine up outside!!!

The quilt turned out perfect!!! It has a minky backing as well as the pieced minky in front. I did use batting for this quilt but I am thinking I might like it better without the batting, it is super heavy!!! I have a little of the strip fabric left as well as the backing that I will work up into some cuddle mini blankets for baby gifts but that will happen AFTER Easter!! The sewing sweat shop is closed for a few days. Time to get busy on the house and yard before family and friends join us for dinner Sunday.

Here is whats on the menu so far. Have you gotten everything lined up for your Easter dinner yet? Other than the eggs I think we are in good shape. Tyler will be coming over before Sunday to help me make and decorate our cupcakes. Now that I think about it I might want to hold off on cleaning the kitchen floor until he has finished doing his thing!

Al gratin potatoes
Broccoli casserole
Macaroni salad
Deviled eggs 
Homemade rolls
Bread and butter pickles
Peach cobbler


  1. Lovely quilt and don't your Easter baskets look pretty! x

  2. Thanks Mrs Thrifty, we do just a samll something for the grands, the big kids get a GC, I love GC's!!

  3. Absolutely love the quilt, Debby. You sound like you pretty much got a handle on the Easter preparations. The kids aren't coming up, the Crabby Cabbie is working, so it is probably the same old, same old for the pack & I . Laundry on the go at the moment.

  4. Your menu sounds marvelous! I wish my daughter would eat ham, I get tired of chicken chicken and more chicken!!
    Love the brown/green combination - the strip quilt turned out gorgeous!

  5. What a beautiful quilt. Reading your comment on my blog, I'm not surprised you don't crochet - you don't have any spare time, do you? I'm going to make time to start quilting - don't know when but it will only be very simple to start off with. I've a lot to learn.

    We'll be having chicken for Easter dinner. How do you make your broccoli casserole?
    Love from Mum

  6. Wow that quilt is beautiful! Happy Easter!

  7. oh i bet that quilt is sooooo soft and snugly! xoxo

  8. The quilt is beautiful! LOVE the colors!!

    Easter dinner for us is Raviolis, Ham, Turkey, mashed potatoes, asparagus, carrot casserole, tossed salad, homemade rolls, pie and cake... YUM!

    Your dinner sounds delicious! I LOVE peach cobbler! :)!