Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Winners and Losers

This is the mess I worked on yesterday
Here is a bit more of the stuff that makes me question myself of why do I try new quilts.
I refused to give up and was at it again this morning before the sun was up. This is NOT how I like to work!!
Nice scorch mark on the ironing board cover, yep it's been that kind of week so far.
It's not perfect but it will do, one of 9 bird houses that will be in the new quilt I am piecing.

Lets start with the winners!  The winner of the pastel coaster set is      http://justnorthofwiarton.blogspot.com/coaster

 The purple set is headed to Jane's house over at  

Congrats ladies!! E-mail me your address and I will get them in the mail

Here is another winner. Carla over at 
Is having a giveaway, check it out and get your name in the hat!!

Now for the loser. That would be me. 

Hubby and I worked together Saturday getting the front yard all cleaned up and looking spiffy, we had a great time working together and accomplished a ton of work. The bad news is I picked up poison ivy along the way, nasty rotten stuff. It started on my wrist and is slowly moving to various area's of my body. I would imagine I will be seeing the Dr. by the end of the week if it doesn't stop spreading.

Monday I took my regular sewing machine to the shop for its annual cleaning and tune up, it's beginning to sound like a freight train (not good) Bad news is they are backed up for weeks so I will have to make do. They suggested to use the hose of the vacuum cleaner to give it a good clean out until they can get to it. Since I need a quilt by the end of the month for a Birthday gift it sounded like a good suggestion until.... A small part got sucked up, grrrr Hubby helped me fish it out of the vacuum bag. Turns out to be the thread cutter for the bobbin. The machine still sounds way off but its working so I moved forward again.

Monday afternoon I worked for hours trying to get the first quilt square right with no luck. This morning I was at it again with the same results. After checking with some of my breakfast buddies this morning they all agreed the pattern was off, double grr. It took all day to figure out how to make the adjustments, just when I thought I was home free I ran out of border fabric for one side. It's back to the fabric store for me.

During the ripping and running of playing around with the quilt I left the iron in the downward position burning my ironing board cover. Just another day in paradise.

When hubby brought in the mail tonight I was so excited to receive a letter form the DD of my Sr Pal. The excitement went away fast as my Sr Pal passed away at the end of last week :(. She was 89 years old and in very poor health so it wasn't unexpected but still I am so sad for her family. We will be making a donation to the hospice home they requested in lieu of flowers along with a note to the family.

I am looking forward to a good nights sleep and a new day tomorrow!!!


  1. Congrats to Cindy & Jane!! :) One of my flowered coasters is currently holding Myas African Violet! :)

    Debby, I hope the Poison Ivy stops spreading! :( I'm so sorry to hear about your SR pal as well... :(

    Hope things look brighter in the morning. ((hugs))

  2. Well done to the winners and the new quilt is looking good xx

  3. Debby, I am so honored to have "won" your coasters. Congrats also to Jane !

    Don't leave the Poison Ivy to long, that you find yourself on Predisone..nasty business it all is.

    So sorry about your Senior Pal, and I do hope there are less scorches in your day today.

    I LOVE Birdhouses. I can't wait to see the finished product. xxx

  4. So sorry about your friend.
    The reason you make those quilts is so that we can all enjoy seeing your gorgeous designs and admire your design skills and sewing abilities!

  5. Ugh!! I'm so sorry about a poison ivy! I hope you feel better very soon. I would go to the doctor very soon.

  6. I think your birdhouse design is DIVINE and so are your fabric choices. Was that the pattern that was giving you problems?
    I've never encountered poison ivy (so far, touch wood) but my brother did and he finally discovered it was from a gym bag that he took with him to a marathon and just happened to lay it down in the wrong spot. Hope yours clears up SOON!!