Sunday, May 20, 2012

Spectacular Sunday

 This little guy means business when he hits the field. How can he be 5 years old :(
 During the ball game Papaw and Karsyn did a little flower picking. Dandelion's are a family favorite!!
 While ripping and running yesterday we hit the fabric store to pick up the needed fabric for the quilt top I want to finish along with just a few more goodies.
 In the afternoon I finished my purse with the leftover fabric from my "Secret Sisters" gift.
 Just the right amount of pockets for what I grab for the most.
Fabric covered buttons for the pleated sides and a fabric covered button for the closure I put in the middle.

I am taking a break from my to do list to enjoy a tall glass of water before I get back to the sewing machine finishing up projects. Hubby is out back remodeling his shed so the lawn tractor will fit in it. I was stunned this week when he said lets clean out the shed!!! Holy cow it's been on my wish/to do list for years. Yesterday morning after breakfast club we loaded up our of Teak furniture to give to goodwill. Somebody is going to score big time!!! Hubby shipped the furniture to me from Indonesia years ago, super nice stuff but I couldn't handle the maintenance of it anymore, we have been hanging on to it for years thinking the big kids might want it. No way no how, they have memories of me out cleaning, oiling and polishing it several times a year (smart girls!)

Then it was on to the Braves game to watch our ball player do his thing. If you want a really good time that cost nothing take in a tee ball game someday. The kids are so sweet to watch even if they aren't your own. Karsyn ran out of snacks before the end of the game (whats new), she then began her climbing tricks so Papaw took her on a walk to pick flowers, soooo cute. She loved giving out her little treasure's to Mom and I, even a few strangers in the stands. Can life be any sweeter? While we were on that end of the county we hit the fabric store to pick up some needed things to finish up a few UFO's, of course a little something extra worked it's way in the bag!!

Back home for more shed clean out this time to the county dump, a full truck load. I think hubby taking on this challenge has shown him how much excess crap we have been storing. It is crazy I tell you!!!! We will have an additional load to take to goodwill this afternoon. After a good nights sleep he has decided we really can let go of more stuff! Yepeeeee!!!!!

We packed a whole lot of living and doing in the day Saturday. Today is a little more relaxed thank goodness. Hubby is working on his construction changes to the shed, I am working on some UFO's, AJ the beagle is squirrel and rabbit hunting. Since we were together as a family for the big game yesterday there will be no family Sunday dinner unless the big girls wanted to take it on. Since nobody stepped up to the plate hubby and I will have a nice quite cookout and enjoy the deck this evening!!!


  1. What a lovely day and your new bag is wonderful. Hope you enjoy your peaceful supper xx

  2. That bag is wonderful.i wish i was able to make something like this.

  3. Love the bag! Talented girl :)

  4. Looks like you had a great Sunday! The bag is really cute!

  5. Sounds like a great day and I too love the bag!

  6. Of course, the bag is totally "awesome", Debby. Oh to find time for my hubby to be home to clean out not only two dreaded cluttered rooms in our basement, or maybe I should say three, a garden shed (well it was suppose to be til he took it over), a drive shed & a barn ... oh me, oh my not a nice picture ! I do love T-ball when my youngest, now 29 was involved, I did asst coach & score keeper, too much fun with those little ones!

  7. Oh we match now!!! :) My bag hasnt left my side since I got it! lol!